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Fantasy Baseball Breakout Starting Pitchers for 2011

I know the season has already started and you're done with your fantasy baseball draft, but I wanted to point out some of my favorite breakout pitchers for 2011. In this situation, maybe you can start wearing down a trade partner if you feel the same about these guys as I do.  My strategy was to try and draft as many of the breakout pitching contenders as possible for my fantasy baseball team. Best case, you land a top 10 pitcher in the late rounds of a draft. Worst case, you draft a bum and cut him for the next shinny thing that catches your eye.
Brandon Morrow
I’ve been following Morrow closely as he went from a sleeper in Seattle in 2007 and watched as they tried to pull a Joba on him and ruin him by converting him to a relief pitcher in 2008 to watch Seattle ultimately give up on him and trade him to the Toronto Blue Jays in 2010. If you paid attention you’d know that Morrow had a near league leading 10.9 K/9 in Toronto last year and had one of the most impressive games of the season (even more impressive than some of the no-hitters) going 9 IP, only allowing 1 hit, walking just 2 and striking out 17! If anyone can jump to greatness, it Brandon The Bone Morrow. He’ll miss his first start on 2011 on the DL, which could make him even more of a steal.

Daniel Hudson

Dashboard confessional: I’m keeping Brandon Morrow and Daniel Hudson in my own keeper league. These two are my favorite mid to late round sleeper pitchers. I’ll be owning them in every league. Hudson’s second half went completely under the radar last year (unfortunately he’s starting to pick up steam as a sleeper in 2011). Since being traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks he had 11 GS, averaged 7.2 innings per start, had 70 K’s with a 1.69 era and a 0.84 whip. That’s outstanding. I think it was a sign Hudson is destined for greatness.

Phil Hughes
My history with Yankees in fantasy baseball is that they are severely overvalued. Oddly enough Hughes breaks that trend this year. If anything, he’s undervalued. The Yankees babied him last year only allowing him to pitch 176 innings in 2010. They claim that the reigns will be off in 2011 and he could hit the 200 IP mark. I love him to build on his numbers last year (18 wins, 146 K’s with a 4.19 era and a 1.25 whip). Those numbers were hurt by his inconsistent schedule.

Jonathan O. Sanchez
Had 205 K’s and 13 wins in 2010 with only 193 innings. Scary to think what he could do with 200+ innings. 200 K’s and still flying way under the radar…

Other Breakout Candidates:
Jordan Zimmermann
Kyle McClellan
Ian Kennedy
Jamie Garcia
Rick Porcello
Bud Norris

By Norman Homers

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