Monday, April 18, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Player Spotlight - Jed Lowrie

What the heck is Patriots Day? A quick Google search tells me it’s an annual Boston tradition centered around the Boston Marathon and an 11am Red Sox game.

Since Boston’s game is the only Monday day game, lets take a minute to spotlight Red Sox SS/2B Jed Lowrie. Lowrie has started 3 straight games (4 straight with an AB) at short and it seems his .516 BA has made Terry Francona finally take notice. Lowrie is off to a hot stat and could carry the Sox until the ice cold Carl Crawford and Kevin Youkilis heat up this summer (and they will).

Don’t hesitate to pick up Jed Lowrie now. His owned percentage will sky rocket over the next few days, so don’t let another manager beat you to the wire because Lowrie WILL displace Marco Scutaro and his .188 BA (sooner rather than later) and Lowrie’s bat could definitely help your team from the weak shortstop position.

Norman Homers

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