Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do Manny Ramirez and Tsuyoshi Nishioka have in Common?

Answer: If you said they both have injected women’s hormones to hide steroids, you’d be wrong. Probably a few days to late, but, it’s that Sean Rodriguez could serve as an adequate replacement for both players if you need to fill either an outfield or second base roster spot.

Poor Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Minnesota’s new middle infielder broke his leg after a hard slide by Yankee Nick Swisher. Advertised as a possible Ichiro lite candidate, we’ll have to say Sayonara, to Mr Nisioka, we hardly knew you. A broken leg is pretty hard to come back from anytime soon for a speed guy, I’d have to guess 2 months minimum.

Man-Ram, as opposed to facing a 100 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs, decided to retire thus opening up the log jammed Tampa Bay outfield.

I like Sean Rodriguez to benefit the most in terms of playing time. As an added bonus he should add 3B eligibility as he fills in for Evan Longoria’s 15 day stint on the DL. This could also mean more playing time for Matt Joyce and/or Sam Fuld who is a stolen bases demon at the moment. This could also lead to Desmond Jennings being called up soon rather than later, and what fantasy guy doesn’t want to see Jennings get a shot?

Norman Homers

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