Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to Shake up Your Fantasy Baseball NL Only League Roster?

This fantasy baseball season is almost already at the quarter mark and many of you are either disappointed or ..... really disappointed with your fantasy baseball team. So if you're sitting in the middle of the standings or even worse, at the bottom, it might be time to shake things up..... or is it? My advice is be careful and you must have a plan. The first thing you need to do is look at each category and see where you're struggling. With a bit of improvement in your players performances, things can change dramatically so and a "shake up " could disrupt that potential improvement. You need to look at your players individually and see who is struggling and why.  Is your team down because you just don't have enough starting pitching or saves or speed or power? Or is the reason you have a proven player just off to a terrible start?  For instance, on my NL Only team I have Ubaldo Jimenez. Now I would venture to say in my league, which is a 12 team 5X5 NL only league, Jimenez being conservative is a $30 player. But for the first six weeks of the season Jimenez now only has not performed at that level but probably has been a negative $15 player in my estimation so far. That's a big weight to carry.  Think of Jacob Marley in Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol"... that kind of weight. My point being is when I look at the categories for my team in Wins, Ratio and ERA this will have a big impact. So instead of getting the impact starting pitcher I drafted, I am getting a negative player and then some. This is where my particular team has faltered. If Jimenez decides to turn it around, he only can take care of most of my problems making a shake up on my team useless. However, I am betting on Ubaldo Jimenez for the rest of the year and will not currently make any drastic moves to shake things up. Sometimes its about being patient and sticking with your guy.

The reason I illustrate Jimenez is because even though my team is middle of the pack right now, making a trade just to shake things up is not a smart move for me personally. But, not all situations this season are like mine. You may indeed need to make some changes especially if you are employing players who are performing poorly but have never proven themselves or you have too many injuries and too much dependance on the waiver wire, both of which can decimate a team.  If you are short in certain categories and need to make a trade to make things happen in those categories then you need to do look at everyone's roster and find a trade that works and is a smart move. Must keep in mind certain players get off to great starts and certain others start out slow. There have been many players to have huge years who had a bad first six weeks to the season. Look at your roster and carefully analyze each player and why you are struggling in particular categories. Sometimes it's hard being patient and you may need to make a trade ASAP to help your team but don't make a trade just because you feel the need to shake things up.

Everyone be well.

NL King - C.Lizza

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