Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings
UPDATED 3/13/12

1. Miguel Cabrera - Close to Pujols numbers but younger, 3B eligibility early
2. Albert Pujols - I expect Pujols to be Pujols
3. Adrian Gonzalez - Puts up #1 type numbers at the end of Round 1, slight value here IMO
4. Prince Fielder - Dependable and reliable source of power, solid BA, etc.
5. Joey Votto - Top notch numbers all around
6. Mark Teixeira - The negative post season talk will have him more motivated in 2012
7. Ryan Howard - Probably a nice value pick -  OUT UNTIL JUNE or longer...
8. Paul Konerko - He scares me a bit, I won't pick him before the 6th round
9. Mike Morse - Legit power, decent BA, up and coming team, I love the upside
10. Mike Young - Multi-positional eligibility makes for a great value
11. Justin Morneau - A healthy Morneau puts him at #7 or #8, probably "steal of the draft"
12. Freddie Freeman - only way to go is up for this guy, cant go wrong for a decent price
13. Eric Hosmer - Nice upside, good BA/power combo potential but way over hyped
14. Adam Lind - This guy drives me nuts, numbers look good at end of season, super streaky
15. Ike Davis - Should be valued lower in drafts, dude can hit, Mets moved fences in
16. Mark Trumbo - Legit power, probably a .260-.270 type hitter at 1B
17. Paul Goldschmidt - Big time power, should be a nice sleeper, grab cheap for a few years
18. Brandon Belt - If he makes the team I slot him behind Goldschmidt, if not, drop down 10 spots
19. Gaby Sanchez - Nice upside here but expect .275/20/80...ish
20. Kendrys Morales - Could take a half to get back on track at DH
21. Mark Reynolds - BA is garbage, draft for the 30+ power/10 SB's and find BA elsewhere
22. Carlos Lee - My pick for Konerko of 2010 or Berkman of 2011
23. Adam Dunn - lol
24. Mat Gamel - First full-time job, 25+HR power, terrible glove, lots of upside here
25. Mitch Moreland - Fluid swing, grinder kind of guy, I like the upside, will be super cheap
26. John Mayberry - 1B/OF eligibility, 20/20 Power/Speed combo, 27 Years old, I'm buying in
27. Justin Smoak - Love the power, too inconsistent, pitchers park, no protection but has upside
28. Aubrey Huff - You get a good power streak at least once a year good for 8-10 HR at a time
29. Adam LaRoche - Missed 2011with injury, good for .270/25/80+ at end of draft
30. Todd Helton - Just a serviceable but reliable bat for some BA and some RBI's
31. James Loney - I'm not doing the sleeper thing again, but showed promise in 2nd half
32. Yonder Alonso - Should make the team, start, and have 1B/OF eligibility
33. Chris Davis - Upside/potential, big power but hoping he can put it together
34. Casey Kotchman - Bank more on the BA then the power
35. Garrett Jones - Serviceable, won't wow you but possesses a power/speed combo potential
36. Ty Wigginton - Multi-position eligibility, good for 20 HR
37. Bryan LaHair - Keeping the seat warm for Rizzo, but could hit 15-20 HR
38. Brett Wallace - If makes team, should see a slight increase in production, possible 3B eligible
39. Jesus Guzman - Big sleeper, tore up the waiver wire late last season but SD will hurt power
40. Kyle Blanks - Nice sleeper for power if he makes the team, could be an OF
41. Anthony Rizzo - Great talent, nice sleeper, but San Diego sucks the lifeblood out of your team
42. Matt LaPorta - He's in the Loney boat but without the 2nd half promise in '11
43. - 46. - Daric Barton - Brandon Allen, Kila, Ka'iahue, Chris Carter.... pick one

DH's to consider if your position eligibility rule is low:
Billy Butler - Played 11 games at 1B, I'd stash between Morse and Morneau, HUGE UPSIDE
David Ortiz - Expect typical Big Papi
Raul Ibanez - Yankees DH should thrive in lineup but expect one bad 1/2 of season
Travis Hafner - No longer the 40HR guy, won't play everyday, maybe 20+HR if healthy

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