Monday, November 21, 2011

NL King is Back! NL Only League Questions for 2012

By the NL King - C. Lizza

Fantasy Baseball season is back and the NL King is ready help your win your NL Only league again in 2012.  Just to recap, I play in a super competitive keeper auction NL only league. Same guys every year, big money with a ton of strategy and preparation.  I love to share my knowledge and The Fantasy Man gives me a place to do that here at Fantasy Baseball Express.  I'm just a regular guy who love fantasy baseball so I'm back to provide my insight to NL Only leaguers for 2012. I hope you enjoy and I encourage any comments and feedback below. Good luck in 2012.

This years off-season kickoff  article will be about asking key questions in the NL, so let's set up the scene. 
I will be doing a lot of articles on these questions between now and mid January.  At that point I would imagine the crux of 
the substantial free agents will be signed as well as significant trading in MLB that will effect the National League. 
Once spring training starts, we'll gave a good idea as to who the starting players for each team and I will start doing the 
rankings articles by position. So let's start asking questions in no particular order that you will need answers to this off-season....
These are the questions we need to ask ourselves no in order to prepare and research properly for 2012.  Let's just get our feet wet here.  Ask yourself these questions now and hopefully you won't be in the bookstore looking for a fantasy mag 10 
minutes before your draft....
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- What went right for your fantasy team last year and what went wrong? If you finished in the money,  what worked? 
If you didn't finish in the money, why not?

- What players emerged last year (i.e. Craig Kimbrel, Jesus Guzman) ? Who took a step backwards (Carlos Lee, Jason Bay)?  Why did this happen to these players (team, ballpark, contract, age, etc)?

- Astros AL Bound for 2013 what effect will that have in 2012 for NL leagues?

- How do your keepers look heading into next season? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your keeper list and of your draft for 2012? How is the off-season trade market look? How do your keepers match up compared to the rest of your league?

- The percentage categories are changing dramatically over the last 4 years, will that continue?

- What will be the impact of this years free agent crop on the NL?

- The New Marlins Stadium - how will it affect Marlins players for fantasy baseball? 
The Mets also moved in, who will that affect?

- Matt Kemp's $160 million dollar contract - what will that mean for his stats in 2012?

- What prospects / minor leaguers should we keep tabs on for 2012? Potential call up?

These are some of the questions we will answer over the next 6 weeks before the position rankings articles. 
And don't worry, there will be more questions to answer. I hope everyone enjoys the off-season articles my next one 
will be right after Thanksgiving and focuses on the percentage categories and how important and volatile they are and how 
they are changing dramatically in the NL.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving day !!!!

NL King - C.Lizza

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