Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Fantasy Man - Bryce Harper - You Can't Stop Superman #3

I mean, who isn't on the Bryce Harper magic hype machine right now?  You Can't Stop Superman #1 Stephen Strasburg and the most hyped pitching debut the game has ever seen.  Then it's Tim Tebow time in Denver, Colorado as #2! Simply put, You Can't Stop Superman and if you believe the hype, then you need to get the t-shirt!

Being The Fantasy Man, I possess special gifts.  I can magically add funds to your bank account (pick Washington +7.5 at home vs New England on Sunday), I can make rain fall from the heavens in Nevada, and I can guide Tim Tebow and the Broncos to a win just about any given weekend.  Did you know it's me who Tebow points too while Tebowing?  Yep that Yankee fan up in the clouds, the give who sometimes gives amazing fantasy baseball advice, sometimes doesn't.  Do you believe the hype?

Funny the NL King does an article on Harper this week because I received an email from a reader who was torn on a trade offer. I told him he could find the answer at the Canadian pharmacy online.  Joking.  He mentioned he had Harper in his minor league slot but his trade offer did not even include Harper.  It did however include this reader getting Mike Trout.  To make the long story short, this was a deal that was giving up an expensive Matt Kemp and an Expensive Justin Verlander and some other players for a cheaper Jose Bautista, a same priced Dan Haren, a cheap Mike Trout and another young player or two.  It was a dynasty league.  Kemp/Bautista, whatever. Verlander/Haren at teh same price, sorry, I'll keep Verlander. Now you get into the prospects.  I know its a dynasty league, but here is my point for this entire article..... why sell off the two best players in the deal, so you can get back a slightly lesser SP (lets assume Bautista/Kemp are equally awesome), and some minor leagues with some hype value like Trout?

Here's the thing, I get these questions all the time where these guys want to trade off all of their decent veteran players for guys like Harper, Trout, Strasburg (a year or two ago), etc.  For what? So you can have the best team in 2016??! In 2009, if you made a trade for Strasburg because you were rebuilding...where did that get you?  Point is, why are we always trying to trade away good veteran talent for these hype machine prospects when they won't realize their values for at least 2-3 years? Sure Harper looks like an eventual .300/30/100/100/15 kind of player, but he's not doing that until he's at least 22 or 23 years old (he's 19 now). I don't know about you, but I want to win my fantasy league this year!

Here's a scenario to go along with the one above. In this case, and this is what I told the guy, keep Kemp/Verlander, forget Trout, and trade Harper for 2-3 solid veteran players.  His reply to me was, and I though he was going to crap all over me..... "Wow, I haven't found one person out there who says to trade Harper."  This is where the light bulb comes on. This is the only way The Fantasy Man rolls.

You take Harper, and offer him in package deals for guys like Adam Jones, Paul Konerko, Jayson Werth, Ike Davis, Johan Santana, Matt Wieters, Corey Hart, Dan Uggla, etc, etc.  Maybe you sucker the guy to throw you a Justin Morneau while his value is down. See what I am getting at? These are good solid player, some coming back from injury but who have a great track record of performing, some who are still young with upside, etc.  You can get 2-3 of these types of players in a package deal for Harper alone. That's value!  That's how you win you league this year!

I might be the only guy out there telling you to trade Bryce Harper. Don't take me out of contest here. He's a fine young player with a lot of upside, but there's no way he's performing along with all that hype in 2010 at 19 years old.  Dude should get some seasoning before he breaks out.  He's not a Buster Posey who had college years and he's only played in one season in the minors.  Other then hitting 500+ foot Homeruns at Tropicana Field with a metal bat, I'd like to see more out of Harper before I go budgeting a big wad of dough in my fantasy draft or auction.

Fine player, all the upside in the world, great if you can get him on your team for 2012 but his real auction price will be overvalued, snake draft price will be too high, and your going to have to pay extra if you try and trade for him in your dynasty league.  Be the other guy, the guy who benefits from the hype!

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