Monday, December 19, 2011

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop SS Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop SS Rankings
UPDATED 3/13/12

1. Troy Tulowitzski - Pay this man his money
2. Jose Reyes - Considering injuries, move to Miami, could be slightly undervalued on Draft day
3. Hanley Ramirez - Disgruntled Hanley could be boom or bust, I say boom since '11 was a bust
4. Jimmy Rollins - New contract but expect about the same as usual
5. Asdrubal Cabrera - I'm not sold on the power, but everything else is real
6. Elvis Andrus - Lots of upside here along with the speed, but right now only really offers speed
7. Starlin Castro - Just plain ole upside but probably over-hyped
8. Derek Jeter - Don't knock Jeter cuz he's older, hits, runs, some SB's, more consistency
9. Erick Aybar - All about SB, Runs, and BA
10. Alexei Ramirez - 20/20 guy who will probably only give you .270/15/10
11. Jhonny Peralta - If he can build on last years consistency, could be a steal in your draft
12. J.J. Hardy - Same as Peralta, he's mystery as far as what to expect but 20HR power is legit
13. Dee Gordon - Should easily be top 10 by the end of this season, 40+ SB potential
14. Ian Desmond - Best chance this late to get a potential 15/20 or 20/20 guy but with a low BA
15. Yuneal Escobar - Only 29, can hit .290/15 with still room for slight upside
16. Alcides Escobar - Has superstar potential but might still be a few years away
17. Stephen Drew - If he can put it together, he's top 5, only 28 - May start year on DL
18. Rafael Furcal - If he can stay healthy, you may get 10HR and 20+ SB out of him
19. Marco Scutaro - Nice serviceable player with some added HR potential in COL
20. Alex Gonzalez - Nice late round power option, something like .260/15-20HR
21. Jed Lowrie - There's some upside here, but not much IMO - I can see .275+/12HR/60RBI/5SB
22. Clint Barmes - New home in Pittsburgh, should be serviceable
23. Cliff Pennington - .260/10/20SB, he's gritty, somewhat of an injury risk though
24. Sean Rodriguez - He's been teasing us for years, value lies in multi position eligibility
25. Mike Aviles - 2B/SS/3B eligibility, could be .280/10/20 if he stays healthy...and consistent
26. Zack Cozart - Expect rookie growing pains
27. Ruben Tejada - Must be the next Reyes since the Mets gave Jose away so cheap
28. Brandon Crawford - Could be a super duper sleeper, tearing up Spring Training
29. Tyler Pastornicky - Looks to be ATL starting SS but I'd expect growing pains
30. Jason Bartlett - Could hit .260 with 20+SB
31. Jamey Carroll - Serviceable, more like a poor mans Marco Scutaro
32. Yuniesky Betancourt - Just serviceable for me
33. Willie Bloomquist - Value lies in multi position eligibility, 20+SB potential
34. Brendan Ryan - - I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, might get you 10-15 SB

The Fantasy Man Analysis - This years SS group is a tough one. The obvious move here is to jump on a top 15 from this list but your in better shape if you grab a top 9. The position is surprisingly deep but I just don't trust Peralta, Hardy, Escobar, and Drew making me wonder if I need to grab a top 6, or just wait until the end of the draft to grab anyone else. What's really the difference between Ian Desmond and Jamey Carroll at the end of a draft?  If I had to pick one super value for this group, I'd go with Dee Gordon and get the typical .300/40+ speedster potential at the weak position. Brendan Crawford is intriguing as well.

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