Thursday, December 08, 2011

NL King - Analyzing Fantasy Baseball NL Only 5x5 Batting Stats

Fantasy Baseball advice is my game and you can follow the NL King on twitter 2TheNLKing. This article is breaking down the NL hitting stats and how the numbers are going down and down and down. Let's do it.

Batting Average:
Last year there were 13 hitters who hit at least .300. But only five hitters hit .310 or better. In 2009, 17 hitters hit at least .300 and nine hitters hit at least .310. We have been seeing a trend of league team batting averages in fantasy baseball have decreased. The main reason is there are fewer and fewer batters hitting well into the .300's. Per my article on the percentage categories, this batting average trend makes it that more difficult to carry a bad average hitter like a Dan Uggla or Chris Young.

Nobody in the NL hit at least 40 HR's last season. 12 guys hit at least 30 but only four hitters hit at least 35. Just two years ago in 2009 there were five hitters to hit at least 40 homers with three hitters reaching at 45+.

Runs & RBI's:
There were only six hitters last year to score at least 100 runs. Two years ago in 2009 ten hitters scored at least 100 runs. Also there were only 6 hitters to drive in 100 RBI's last year, while two years ago in 2009 13 hitters drove in 100 RBI's. Last year only three hitters scored 100 runs and drove in 100 RBI's and they were Kemp, Braun & Votto.

Stolen Bases:
This is the one area we have seen an increase in the numbers. Last year there was Michael Bourn at 61 steals and then four players at 40 steals in Bonifacio, Kemp, Maybin and Stubbs with Reyes at 39. After that there were four players between 30 and 35 steals, 15 players between 20 and 29 and 12 players between 15 and 19. That's 37 players with at least 15 steals.

In 2010, there were only 28 players with at least 20 steals but when will dig deeper in 2009 we find more interesting stats. In 2009, Michael Bourn had 50 steals and then Angel Pagan had 37 steals. Getting at least 30 steals and falling behind Pagan's 37 steals were six other players. Only six players were between 20 and 29 and 14 players were between 15 and 19. So to review there were 25 players in the NL last year with at least 20 steals while in 2010 there were only 14 players with at least 20 steals.

Batting numbers are coming down folks. A lot of reasons for this, more drug testing including greenies, the pitching has greatly improved including a lot of talented young arms, some newer bigger ballparks in San Diego and New York as well.  This has put a premium on the big players in the NL because there are so few guys who get big hitting numbers. So keep this in mind this off-season in your trade talks before the draft as well as your draft preparation.

Now with Albert Pujols off to Los Angeles, the National League is taking a huge hit.....

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