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NL King: Jose Reyes Signs with the Miami Marlins

Well, while it should come as no surprise it's still strange to see Jose Reyes is no longer going to be a New York Met. Reyes signed a six year deal worth $100+ Million with the newly named Miami Marlins at the start of the winter meetings. So what will it mean in regards to Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez for your 2012 NL Only fantasy baseball team?

Jose Reyes:
If Reyes can be healthy for 150+ games he can put up scary numbers. When you consider Reyes just played in 126 games last year because of two DL stints with hamstring issues and the final three weeks of the season Reyes was playing very cautiously due to those hamstrings. When you see Reyes final stats from 2011, you ask yourself what can these guys numbers look like if he played 150 games healthy.

2011 Reyes Stats - 7HR, 44RBI, 101R, 39SB, .337 AVG, .384 OBP

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Reyes is moving from Citi Field to the new Miami Marlins stadium. The new Marlins stadium should play big based on it's dimensions but the key question is how will the ball travel when the retractable roof is closed. I will have a full article on the new Marlins stadium over the next month. But for Reyes he is going at his best when he is hitting line drives all over the place. A key point that has been brought up is will Reyes legs greatly benefit from being in Miami in April and May versus being in New York during that time? I would venture to guess that it can only help but the reality is especially last year Reyes got himself into pristine shape and his hamstrings still gave out. What can Reyes and the Marlins do that has not been done before in terms of limiting his hamstring problems? Can they do anything? These are important questions to research before draft day. Obviously the Met franchise last few years have had a whole host of injury problems and more importantly dealing with injuries.

In terms of Reyes next season he is a risk plain and simple. If Reyes can play even 140 games he should break 100 runs with a strong batting average and around 40 steals. In terms of power I would guess it would be close to last years numbers maybe a touch better. At shortstop that's tremendous but come draft day keep in mind Reyes is a risk so don't sell the farm to land him. Let's keep in mind too Reyes is only 28 so he is in the prime of his career. You can be slightly aggressive but don't be overly aggressive.

Hanley Ramirez:
If and this is a big if, Hanley can get his attitude in check I think moving to 3B will do him a world of good. While Hanley had a terrible year last year he is only 27 and it goes without saying the ability he has at the dish. I believe that if Hanley attitude is in check and that's a big if, by moving to 3B from SS his body is going to feel so much better by not having the daily grind at SS and having Reyes leading off and Infante batting 2nd, Hanley is going to be in a prime spot to have a big year. So follow close this offseason Hanley's mood and attitude. If you hear good things put him high on your draft day list.

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