Monday, January 23, 2012

NL King: Players To Watch in the National League

Fantasy Baseball advice is starting to flow and with all of the moves, trades, aquisitions, its tough to keep up. Better late then never with preseason fantasy baseball advice I always say.  Below are a few players to think about in your NL Only leagues heading into Spring Training in the MLB....
Cincinnati Reds deal with the San Diego Padres:
The Reds landed a young talented front of the rotation starter in Matt Latos. Latos after a not so hot first half  in 2011, Latose finished last season strong in the second half. He did not have the year as he did in 2010 but still strong ratio and K numbers and a solid ERA albeit just 9 wins, but he did pitch for San Diego. Latos' wins should rise in 2012 pitching for a contender in Cincinnati and could easily break 15 wins.  On the other hand, coming from Petco Park to the Great American ballpark should effect his ERA and Ratio slightly. In Petco if Latos got behind the count I am sure he challenged hitters with that Grand Canyon of a ballpark behind him. I am sure he'll have a different attitude in Cincinnati. Having said that in NL only leagues if he can land Latos at $17 or less you got yourself a deal.

The Padres landed Edinson Volquez along with three of the Reds top six prospects that includes Yonder Alonso. A lot of people are waiting for the Volquez we saw the first half of 08 re-emerge. Inconsistent due to his control problems and injuries have made Volquez a tease. Volquez going to San Diego could make him a great sleeper for this coming year. He will not be a big win guy but in that big ballpark and with the help of pitching guru Bud Black around Volquez is a great gamble pick for 2012 provided you get him on the cheap. He did have a 1.57 ratio last year as well as stint in the minors.

Yonder Alonso is finally going to get his chance to show he belongs in the big leagues. He is more of a gap hitter but if you picked him up in your leagues last season off the waiver wire or free agency for a cheap price, Alonso could be a great fit as your corner infielder (basically your 3rd corner player) and could sport you a .300+BA with 20+ HR pop.

Mike Cuddyer and Jimmy Rollins sign:
Michael Cuddyer signed with the Colorado Rockies and provided he stays healthy next year, I love the chances of this guy being a $25 NL only player. He should hit 5th in that lineup and with guys around him like Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzski, Cuddyer should be in an excellent position to put up numbers. Going from Target field in Minnesota to Coors Field is going to help a lot. I believe Cuddyer will give his NL owners a plus batting average along with 25HR, 90 R & RBI and throw in 12 or so steals.

Jimmy Rollins stays with the Philadelphia Phillies. His days of having an MVP season like he did in 2007 are long gone but he can still be a solid NL only roto player. Just don't overpay for him based on the name.

Trevor Cahill comes to the National League:
Normally when a picther goes from the AL to the NL you expect him to pitch better but in this case, I'm unsure. Cahill last 3 years pitched in the Oakland Coliseum and now pitches in Arizona where the ball flies. Also of his three years in the majors as a full time starter, albeit 2010 was a great year, but the other two years were not good in terms of fantasy starting pitcher. Even when going well, Cahill has been a low K guy. I would be wary here.
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