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NL King Ranks NL Only 2B Fantasy Baseball Rankings

NL King Ranks NL Only 2B Second Basemen Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Second Base in the NL is probably looking the best it has in years. I am not saying it's loaded but it is solid and the past few years 2B in the NL has left a lot to be desired. Let's break it down...

The Elite:
Brandon Phillips - CIN - Had the best year of this bunch last year. Turns 31 in late June but most importantly in 2012 Phillips is playing for a contract as he is a free agent in next years class. Phillips should give you mid to upper teens in HR's and SB's and provide good numbers in RBI's and strong numbers in runs. The key to Phillips is the batting average. He hit .300 last year which is the only time he has hit .300 in his career and the highest batting average he has had since 07 with a .288 avg. Lifetime Phillips is a .272 hitter so I would bank on that and hope he gets close to last years .300 Avg.

Dan Uggla - ATL - After a horrible first half last year, Dan Uggla got on a roll and finished the season strong. Having said that I think we know what Dan Uggla is, and that would be a power bat at 2B who is most likely going to hit in the .240's. Now in 2006 and 2010 Uggla broke the .280 avg mark so he has had good average years but cannot count on it. If Uggla has a season where he hits .260 with his pop you have to be thrilled.

Chase Utley - PHI - How is Utley's health? Chase came back Memorial Day weekend last year after missing the beginning of the season with a knee situation. I figured Utley would have some pop when he comes back but don't count on any steals with his knees. What was odd for Utley last year was his best category last year was SB's where he swiped 14 bags. Utley's other numbers were very ordinary, and now at 33 you have to figure Utleys monster years are behind him. Having said that he can still be a very good fantasy player provided he is healthy.

Rickie Weeks - MIL - It's all about health with Weeks. Since 2005 Weeks has had only one season where he broke 130 games played. Last year Weeks missed 44 games. The Brewers are really counting on Weeks this year with Prince gone so they need him to stay healthy.

Solid and Steady:
Aaron Hill - ARI - After a down season in Toronto last year, getting traded to Arizona was the fresh start Hill needed as he hit .315 for the Snakes. That monster year in 09 was probably a one hit wonder but in a good situation in Arizona and provided he doesn't bury your batting average which is a big if can be a nice option at reasonable dollars at 2B.

Orlando Hudson - SD - Hudson who never hit below .268 in his 9 year career going into last season mysteriously hit .246 for the Padres. He missed 40+ games for San Diego which is shame because his other numbers were pretty good. I think he is a good cheap option on draft day.

Daniel Murphy - NYM - Not a lot of pop or speed but will hit for a strong average, give you nice numbers in R's and RBI's and give you roster position flexibility (also qualifies at 1B and 3B). Again a good cheap option.

Marco Scutaro - COL - Now he is starting the season in most leagues only eligible at SS but after the first 5 games in most leagues will qualify at 2B. If the Rockies put Scutaro at the top of the lineup either leadoff or the 2-hole I love picking up Scutaro for the 2012. Research during the spring where the Rockies will bat him.

Neil Walker - PIT - Came a bit back to earth last year but still provided solid numbers for fantasy owners. I would expect more of the same and remember he is only 26.

Young Guns:
Jose Altuve - HOU - Last year he will be in the NL as long as he is in Houston. A lot of people think he can be a super sleeper this year and provide over 20 steals. One to watch during the spring.

Danny Espinosa - WAS - I love the pop and speed combo and does draw a good amount of walks and only still very young (turns 25 in April). Has a lot of potential BUT those K's have to come down to take the next step and not bury his batting average. Had 166K in 658PA which help lead to a .236 avg.Fillers: These are guys who can be nice fill in players for you for a very low salary as their 3rd middle infielder but please don't count on anything more than that.

Jeff Baker
Darwin Barney
Devin Descalso
Mark Ellis
Omar Infante
Skip Schumaker
Ryan Theriot
Justin Turner

NL King - C.Lizza

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