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NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball 3B Rankings

NL King - NL Only 3B Rankings

There is a theme among the NL Only starting 3B and that is a lot of players are looking to rebound from horrible seasons in 2011. Keep in mind we discussed Ty Wigginton in the 1B article and Hanley Ramirez and Juan Uribe in the shortstop article. Let's break it down.

The Elite - Looking to Regain Top Form:
David Wright - David Wright who is a top NL Fantasy hitter when healthy missed significant time in 2011 (missed 60 games) due to a stress fracture in his lower back. There is a world of uncertainty regarding the Mets ownership in terms of their debts and the next months court case regarding their funds with Bernie Madoff. Point being is come this summer, David Wright and his $15 million dollar salary under a certain scenario could wind up being traded. Wright this week said he feels great and he wants to be a Met for life, and quite honestly, the Mets need David Wright. There is risk with Wright on various fronts but as long as Wright plays 150 games this year expect a $30 year and just hope he doesn't get traded to the American League for prospects for you NL only owners.

Ryan Zimmerman - Last season Zimmerman missed 61 games due to abdominal issues. Now a full season by Zimmerman you can expect at least 25HR, 90 R, 100 RBI and batting average north of .285. However in additional to 2011, Zimmerman missed 20 games in 2010 and 56 games in 2008. In 2009 Zimmerman played in 157 games and it's no coincidence that was his best season by far. He doesn't have speed but a hitter who is knocking on the door of being a $30 player if he can play a full season.
Pablo Sandoval - When you consider Panda missed 45 games in 2011 (hand injury), he had a great rebound year. Panda showed up to last seasons camp shedding around 25 lbs. Early reports for this years camp is that Panda was working the dollar menu board big time at the local fast food chains in the off-season. Follow his spring and see if his weight is an issue.

Aramis Ramirez - Aramis switched teams in the off-season from the Cubs to the Brewers. At first I thought this will be good for Aramis as the ball carries in Milwaukee and he will get a lot of opportunities hitting behind Ryan Braun. Will Aramis might have to wait 50 games for that to happen. Last season Ramirez for the first half had a decent batting average but very little numbers and then for the second half went on a ridiculous tear. Aramis finished with strong numbers keep in mind he is a guy who goes through peaks and valleys so if he on your team you have to be patient with him during those bad stretches which could last as much as 6 weeks or so. Also keep in mind Aramis is a guy who has got nicked up in his career, since being a regular player in 2001 Aramis has only played 150+ games 3 times in his career. Count on him missing around 20 games in 2012.

Players With Talent:
David Freese - The World Series Hero is hoping he can play his first full season in the majors. Even through Freese has been around the last two seasons for the Cardinals, Freese only played 97 games last season and 70 the year before that. If Freese can play most of 2012 seems like a safe bet to be $20 bat in your lineup.

Chipper Jones - I have always been a huge fan of Chipper going back to the days when he was the #1 prospect in all MLB for a number of years. But Chipper will be 40 in late April and quite honestly there are a lot of miles in that body. Chipper plays banged up but at certain point his body will not let him. If Chipper can play 120 games like last year he can give you nice power line at 3B. However saying he is a huge risk is putting it mildly.

Scott Rolen - Rolen might be a bigger risk than Chipper which is saying something. See how is doing in the spring but not sure if he can hold up for the long haul anymore either. Follow Juan Francisco and Todd Frazier's springs in Reds camp because one of those will probably get the every day job if Rolen can't go.

Ian Stewart - What happened to this guy?  He hit .156 last year in 48 games with no homers and 6 RBI's, in Colorado no less. How is that possible? He was a power bat with a not a good average the last couple of years and you were hoping he could take a step forward in 2011. Needles to say that didn't happen. He gets a fresh start with the Cubs as they're starting 3B and should get a long leash there because the Cubs really don't have anyone else. If you want to take a flyer on him at the end of the draft I get it but that's about it.

Pedro Alvarez - I think Alvarez was hanging out with Ian Stewart last year. He wasn't as bad as Stewart but he was pretty bad hitting just . 191 in 235 AB's with 4HR's and 19RBI's. He is a former top 5 overall pick or so for the Bucs and Pittsburgh did give him a 6.3 million dollar signing bonus. He was supposed to be one of the key core young pieces for the Pirates. He is still young but this is a huge year for him. I have no idea what to tell you, yes he has pop but he also seems to have a whole in his swing. Again if you want to take a flyer at the end of the draft.

Casey McGehee - Another guy who had a very disappointing year last year. He is hoping he can gain that 2010 magic back this season. I don't think McGehee will ever have a year like that again. He can play 3B and 1B for the Pirates, and could a decent option for your team to fill out your roster as your third corner for mininmun dollars but that's it.

Ryan Roberts - He is a guy who had a great year last year. He also qualifies at 2B. I don;t think he be a high average hitter but can give you good pop with speed and score a good amount of runs. Don't overpay based on last year because you have to make sure he is not a 1 year wonder but can be a good option for your team as long as you don't overpay.

Chase Headley - Headley needs to put it all together this season. He is now 27 and entering the prime years of his career. I think he is capable of giving NL owners 12HR with R's and RBI's around 70 with 15 steals and a batting average .280+. For the right price that is a good option.

The Rest:
Placido Polanco - A lot of age and not much pop. I would look elsewhere.
Casey Blake - Believe it or not enters spring training as the starting 3B. Another guy with a lot of age. I don't love the Rockies other options at 3B either though.
Jimmy Paredes - It was a small sample last year but did some good things. Question is how much pop will he has.

NL King - C.Lizza

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