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NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 2 of 4

NL King Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 2 of 4

Below consists of NL Only Outfielders who fall in the $20 to high $29 range in $260 budget auction leagues. These are not the elite players although a couple of them are knocking on the door to become elite fantasy hitters. This players should strong contributors to your team. This list is in alphabetical order.

Carlos Beltran - Now in St.Louis, Beltran showed that with days off here and there but playing the majority of the season when healthy he can be a real productive fantasy hitter. Beltran had real good numbers last year and did it in two very tough parks in Citi Field and San Francisco. Beltran will be 35 in April and had a major knee situation two years ago. If the Cardinals are smart even though they are thin in CF depth they do not let Beltran play one game in CF in 2012. Given his knees, he is a risk but if Beltran can play 140 games he will be a solid $20 to $25 NL only OF for your team.

Emilio Bonifacio - Ozzie Guillen recently said that Bonifacio was going to be his CF all along after the Fish lost out Cespedes to the A's. Bonifacio also qualifies at SS and 3B so he gives you great versitaility. Had a great speed (40SB) and BA (.296) numbers last year. Follow his spring to see where Guillen would bat Bonifacio in the batting order. My guess would he would bat 2nd behind Reyes. Keep in mind while Bonifacio showed flashes in the past last year was the first full productive season for Bonifacio.

Michael Bourn - Write it down, should score 100 runs, close to 60 steals and should give you a good batting average with no pop. Bourn is a free agent after the season so he is playing to land a big contract.

Jay Bruce - Bruce turns 25 the first week of April and I believe is ready to become one of the top power bats in the NL given his talent, that ballpark and his team lineup for the next five years. The question is does Bruce hit .250 or close to .280? He will throw in 7 or 8 steals but that's about it. A strong power bat but a 3 category player.

Michael Cuddyer - Qualifies for also 1B, while I don't think it's impossible that Cuddyer could have another year like 2009 especially in Colorado don't count on it. Going from Target Field in Minnesota to Colorado will be a big benefit for Cuddyer. However, count on close to 25HR's and R and RBI's in the 80's, around 10 steals and a batting average around .280. He can do better than that just don't count on him for a monster year.

Andre Ethier - Missed 27 games last year and had a bit of power outage. The good news is he is playing for a big contract this year as he is a free agent after the season. The bad news come July if the Dodgers are not in the race Ethier could be trade bait. Even with new big pockets new ownership around the corner I think the Dodgers might want to spend their dollars elsewhere. Keep in mind they have to lock up Kershaw.

Corey Hart - He missed 30+ games last year and hit leadoff for a good portion of the year last season but still was a productive player. Hart's days of stealing 20+ bases are over but with Prince leaving to Detroit figure Hart to hit now in the middle of the lineup and be a more of a run producer. Hart can give you production like Cuddyer but probably at a cheap price in your draft.

Cameron Maybin - Had a mini break out year last year despite missing 25 games to injury. Remember he only turns 25 in early April but also remember Maybin plays in Yellowstone park so his power numbers will be moderate but should get you a lot of steals and runs with low double digit HR's.

Martin Prado - Also qualifies at 3B, had an off year last season and rumor is he is on the trading block. I expect Prado to rebound to have a $20 year in 2012.

Carlos Quentin - The most games Quentin has played in a season is 131 games. So buyer beware. Also he now moves to Yellowstone Park in San Diego and could be trade bait back to the AL come July. So unless you get him at a bargain - PASS.

Mike Stanton - He just turned 22 in the off-season. It's scary how good this kid can be the only question is can he get that batting average above .280. If not even if he hits .260 a season Stanton will be a 40+HR & 100+RBI guy for years to come and probably starting this season. That's what I am betting on.

Drew Stubbs - Has power and speed, plays in the best hitters park in the NL but those ridiculous amount of K's scare me and quite frankly the Reds might run of patience with Stubbs because of those K's. Beware.

Shane Victorino - I think what the flying Hawian did last year he can do again this season and maybe a touch better, especially when you consider Victorino is another player playing for a nice long term contract as he is a free agent after next season.

Jason Werth - I know at times it was plain awful last season but Werth was just one steal away from a 20-20 season despite his .232 avg. I am not saying Werth will be a monster player this season but I can certainly see a rebound season with a batting average close to .260.

Chris Young - This guy could be a top of the line NL hitter if he could get his K's down. But even though Young will be 28 for the most of the season I think Young is what he is.... lifetime a .240 hitter he will give you 20+ HR and SB with good R and RBI numbers and a poor average. You know I am not a big believer in getting poor average hitters but he's at least is a difference maker in the other 4 categories. I recommend Young just don't pay an elite level price for him.

NL King - C.Lizza

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