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NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 3 of 4

NL King NL Only Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 3 of 4

Breaking down what these players are going to do this year could be the difference of a successful season in your league or not. The following list is in alphabetical order.

Charlie Blackmon - In a very small sample for Colorado last year Blackmon showed good things including some speed. However, with Dexter Fowler's strong second half, Blackmon will start the season as a backup outfielder for Colorado. If there is an injury or if Fowler has struggles, Blackmon will get a chance to play. I really like Blackmon as a guy to fill out the last spot on your NL only outfielder slot and just maybe he will give you a low double digit dollar value year.

Brian Bogusevic - Again in a small sample Bogusevic showed good things late last season. He is in line to get the majority of starts in the Houston outfielder. Figure close to 400 AB's and quietly solid numbers. Again great guy to finish filling out your roster.

Jason Bourgeois - Was a role player for Houston last year and while he gets into a good amount of games does not get a lot of starts. But even as a role player had 31 steals with a healthy batting average of .294. Don't count on 31 steals this year although he can easily do it again but based on his AB's figure 20 steals. Cheap speed baby.

Allen Craig - Looks like a real nice power bat however he is recovering from a knee injury and will most likely not be ready until early to mid May. The other problem is between Holliday, Beltran and Berkman, unless there is an injury, AB's might be hard to come by.

Chris Coghlan - Right now it looks like Coghlan is the odd man out on a starting job. Injuries have plagued Coghlan and if he can't get regular AB's good chance he starts the year in the minors. Could be a good reserve pick.

Lucas Duda - Also qualifies at 1B. After Carlos Beltran was traded to SF last summer, Duda got to play everyday and showed a lot of good things. I think his .292 average last year is a mirage (think more . 250 - .260) but I think he can be cheap pop for your team.

Dexter Fowler - I have been on the Dexter Fowler band wagon for the last five years going back to when he was a top prospect. The last two seasons have been identical for Fowler, terrible starts, one month trip to the minors in June and a strong second half. This is the year Fowler has to show he is an everyday player. Also while he has great speed he will not put up big stolen base numbers if his percentage stays at 65%. If you can get him for a reasonable price in your draft I like the gamble but that's what he is a gamble.

Bryce Harper - Let the hype begin. If Harper makes the team he can be a big power bat for you this year even as a rookie. Might hit around .250 or even a drop less but he should have plenty of bombs. Within two years he will be one of the top 5 NL fantasy players, but in terms of 2012 don't over spend on the hype. Treat him as a really good .250 power bat.

Chris Heisey - I like Heisey but to me all these magazines saying Heisey did X last year in this many AB's so that means if he can play every day his numbers will increase by Y. It doesn't work that way and quite frankly there are some red flags with Heisey including an alarming strikeout rate and the fact the Reds have plenty of competition in the OF. Figure on 300 AB's for Heisey and good power production in those AB's with average around .250.

Jason Heyward - Sophomore slump to say the least on and off the field last year as even Chipper called out Heyward for not playing hurt. The numbers last year were rough but let's remember Heyward is still 22. Do I think Heyward will have a monster season, probably not, but I think he is a good bet to bounce back and have close to a $20 year. If he slips in your draft for let's say around $15 - POUNCE.

Jon Jay - Very quietly had a nice season last year. He won;t be a stud but if you can pick him up at the end of your draft for a couple of bucks he could reward you with a $10 year.

JD Martinez - To me he is a sleeper power bat and if you can land Martinez for under $10 in your draft - POUNCE.

John Mayberry Jr - I like the power last year in 250 AB's but that doesn't mean he is a starting player. Like Heisey, great complimentary player in terms of power. Could throw in 10-15+SB as a starter.

Logan Morrison - Great first half despite the hand injury and then poor second half that including a minor league stint and bickering with the Marlins front office. Hopefully that is all behind him, I like his chances on being a low $20 player this season. If you can get him for under $15 in your draft - POUNCE.

Alex Presley - In 52 games showed a lot of nice things and LF is his job to lose. If you can get him for $7 or $8 in your draft I like the gamble.

Jerry Sands - Left field is wide open for the Dodgers and then need another guy who can be a run producer. Sands will get his chance to show what he did in the minors is the real deal. A nice outfield sleeper.

Jordan Schafer - Cheap speed but no pop and poor average.

JoseTabata - If he can stay healthy can be a guy worth $15 to $20 between SB, R and Avg. Don't count on a lot of pop.
NL King - C.Lizza

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