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The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers SP Rankings

2012 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers SP Rankings

1. Roy Halladay - I like to go veteran over last years Cy Young winner
2. Justin Verlander - Same as Halladay, I just like a little more experience at the top spot
3. Clayton Kershaw - He's a beast, don't like a guy coming off Cy Young
4. Cliff Lee - Steady Eddie, can't lose here
5. C.C. Sabathia - Lock for 18+ wins and 200K
6. Jered Weaver - Real deal, could win 20 games this year
7. Zack Greinke - Contract year - BOOM!
8. Felix Hernandez - Ace numbers but will again lack the wins
9. Tim Lincecum - Innings last few years scare me but he'll be typical Lincecum at a value price
10. David Price - Still up and coming, I'm expecting increase in numbers
11. Matt Cain - Can't get anymore solid, reliable, and durable as this guy, contract year - BOOM!
12. Cole Hamels - Contract year - BOOM!
13. Dan Haren - The down 2010 haunts me but he will be a value in your draft
14. Jon Lester - Cy Young potential ranked waaaaaay to low by all other sites/mags
15. Yovani Gallardo - Another Cy Young potential candidate
16. James Shields - Complete game talent should continue, underrated, needs to do it again
17. Ian Kennedy - He's for real, WHIP is real, K's are real, hitters park scares you but not me
18. Josh Johnson - Back from injury, top talent ace in rounds 6-9 of your draft
19. Adam Wainwright - Back from injury, top talent ace in rounds 6-9 of your draft
20. C.J. Wilson - He's a 3rd or 4th starter now, I'm not as high on him as most
21. Madison Bumgarner - On the rise, should be steady, I see stats similar to 2011
22. Stephen Strasburg - Over hyped, yes, has the talent, but cant pick him top 5 just to get 160 IP
23. Michael Pineda - Love the move to NYY for more wins, expect ERA/WHIP to rise slightly
24. Tommy Hanson - High risk-high reward, has top 5 ace talent so could be a sweet value
25. Josh Beckett - Will be undervalued in your drafts and on fantasy sites, so I bumped him up
26. Ricky Romero - Could rank him above CJ Wilson, got a Johan Santana change up, nasty
27. Jaime Garcia - I like upside, 3rd year starter, seems durable, needs to go deeper in games
28. Matt Garza - Another guy I can rank a few spots higher I suppose but the Cubs wont win
29. Daniel Hudson - So far so good, haven't seen the growing pains yet though but future is bright
30. Mat Latos - Move from SD to CIN is scary, K's/Wins will be there but ERA/WHIP could suffer
31. Yu Darvish - I'm thinking Dice-K until I see a full season so I might pass this year
32. Brandon Beachy - Nice talent, on the rise but don't over draft, still unproven
33. Doug Fister - ERA/WHIP master, Wins will now come in DET, eats innings, not a ton of K's
34. Corey Luebke - Not buyin' yet, I need to see another year, minor league stats are solid though
35. Matt Moore - Super Hype, only pitched 9 IP - he's real but use caution, don't overdraft
36. Shaun Marcum - Good solid and reliable SP, not a 200K guy
37. Chris Carpenter - He's 37 so don't expect a super star season, expect more like 2011
38. Anibal Sanchez - 200K talent, underrated, but also a little shaky in my opinion
39. Neftali Feliz - Making the transition from reliever to starter, watch for an innings limit
40. Chris Sale - Making the transition from reliever to starter, watch for an innings limit
41. Daniel Bard - Making the transition from reliever to starter, watch for an innings limit
42. Johnny Cueto - ERA in '11 was insane, expect that to rise a little
43. Jordan Zimmerman - On the rise, grab anytime in or after round 10 for decent value
44. Gio Gonzalez - 200K potential but WHIP could be in the 1.30 range
45. Max Scherzer - This is the year this guy breaks through!
46. Brandon Morrow - 200+ K machine but could come with a 4.00 ERA/1.30WHIP
47. Ervin Santana - Good steady numbers later in the draft, not sexy but solid
48. Colby Lewis - I'd be happy with 13W/175K/3.90ERA/1.25WHIP
49. Jhouyls Chacin - He's a walk machine, lots of upside but WHIP may stink
50. Javier Vazquez - Ace like in the second half last season, still a reliable fantasy starter that gets no love

Dirt Cheap - These SP's pose a big opportunity for value and can be used to finish off the back end of your pitching staff. These are the SP's I'm looking for in round 15 or later as I'm filling in those last few slots on the roster....

51. Johan Santana - If he starts opening day, he won't be the old Johan but you'll certainly profit
52.Chad Billingsley - 2011 was so gaudy, too much talent to be that bad, dirt cheap
53. Clay Buchholz - Coming back from injury, should be solid, lighter weight, looks good
54. Mike Leake - Gets wins, can hold a solid WHIP late with a decent amount of K's
55. Chris Capuano - Came back strong from injury w/ Mets, now with Dodgers, solid all around
56. Erik Bedard - If he miraculously gets 150+IP, he'll be a steal in the NL
57. Jonathan Sanchez - Now with KC, has the talent, will be the ace, new scenery should help
58. A.J. Burnett - Out 8-12 weeks (hit in the eye), new scenery will help (Think Javier Vazquez)
59. Derek Holland - Tons of upside here but need to last 6+IP/game and lower walks
60. Rick Porcello - He's only 23, insane talent an upside, hoping he puts it together, nice flyer
62. Phil Hughes - If he wins the 5th spot, I see profit, probably available in last round
63. Bud Norris - 200K potential but wins and WHIP might be tough to come by
64. Trevor CaHill - We've seen him be successful, hitters park but no brainer as a flyer
65. Dustin McGowan - Super duper sleeper, no one talking about this guy coming back

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