Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NL King - Key Fantasy Baseball Questions in the NL Central

Fantasy baseball advice in NL Only leagues would be incomplete if you did not keep these NL Central questions in mind. If you are interested in these players, it's imperative to do the research. The outcome to these questions will make or break your fantasy team in 2012.

Chicago Cubs:
- Do the Cubs trade Alfonso Soriano? If they do, odds are it's an American League team.
- How long of a leash does Carlos Marmol have?
- Does Ian Stewart make a comeback?
- Bryan LaHair.... really?
- Will Ryan Dempster and Marlon Byrd be on different teams by the end of July?

Cincinnati Reds:
- Does Mat Latos show he can pitch outside Petco Park and in Great American ballpark?
- Does Jay Bruce break through with a huge power year?
- Does Votto challenge for the MVP?
- Is Zack Cozart over his injury?
- Can Scott Rolen play 125 games?
- What role will Aroldis Chapman play?

Houston Astros:
- Can anyone on this team be worth $20 in an NL Only league?
- Can Brett Myers get 30+ saves as a Closer?
- Will Wandy Rodriguez andCarlos Lee be traded during the season?

Milwaukee Brewers:
- How much time will Corey Hart miss in April?
- Will the off-season drama mess with Ryan Braun's head and hence his performance?
- Can Rickie Weeks play 150 games?
- Is Mat Gamel going to be a $15 player?
- Can Yovani Gallardo be consistent and therefore be a top tier starting pitcher?
- Is Shaun Marcum going to be ready for the start of the season?

Pittsburgh Pirates:
- Can Alex Presley be a contributing player?
- Will Andrew McCutchen have a break through season?
- Does Pedro Alvarez bounce back?
- How much will Casey McGehee play?
- Can Eric Bedard make at least 20 starts?

St. Louis Cardinals:
- Can Lance Berkman, Rafael Furcal and Carlos Beltran play at least 140 games each?
- Can David Freese play a full season and break out?
- What can we expect from Adam Wainwright after missing a year?
- Can Chris Carpentar hold up after a very taxing 2011?
- Will Jason Motte be able to hold the closers job?

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