Thursday, March 22, 2012

NL King - Key Fantasy Baseball Questions in the NL West

Fantasy baseball questions regarding the NL West below. The questions will legit make you think twice about drafting players in your NL Only league. You need to be up to speed on these questions heading into your draft.  We can give you our thought and opinions, but of course, no answer is the right answer. Never take one man's opinion for granted. Take the advice, follow it up with your own research, and then solidify your own opinions and conclusions.  Good luck in 2012!

Arizona Diamondbacks:
- Will Justin Upton take it to the next level this year and be considered the top NL hitter?
- When will Stephen Drew be ready?
- Will Ian Kennedy repeat his 2011 performance?
- Does Paul Goldschmidt have a big power year?
- When does the top Arizona pitching prospets Bauer and Tyler Skaggs arrive on the scene?

Colorado Rockies:
- Does Dexter Fowler finally have a complete season?
- Does Carlos Gonzalez play 150 games and put up a year like 2010?
- Can Todd Helton play 120 games?
- Does Mike Cuddyer love the rocky mountain air?
- What is Jeremy Guthrie's transition like to Coors Field?
- Will Rafael Betancourt hold up as the closer?

Los Angeles Dodgers:
- Who takes hold of the left field job?
- Does Andre Ethier get traded?
- Does Dee Gordon get on base enough to be a stolen base stud?
- Does Javy Guerra hold on to the closers job?
- Does Matt Kemp repeat his 2011 season?

San Diego Padres:
- Will Carlos Quentin stay healthy enough and does he get traded backto the AL come mid summer?
- Does Yonder Alonso show he is the real deal?
- Can Chase Headley show he has enough power?
- Can Huston Street stay away from the DL and remain a Padre for the season
- Will Edison Volquez be able to throw strikes and get back to that great 2008 season?

San Francisco Giants:
- Is Brian Wilson past his elbow problems from last September?
- Will Brandon Belt emerge as a $20 player?
- Will Angel Pagan and Melky Cabrera be close to $20 players?
- Can Pablo Sandoval stay healthy and effective for the whole season?
- Will Ryan Vogelsong be ready for the start of the season?

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