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NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 4 of 4

NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Part 4 of 4

2012 Fantasy Baseball Veteran outfielders in the NL who should get you at least 300 AB's for the coming season. These are not star players but they can help your team win a championship if you pick the right one's. The list is in alphabetical order.

Jason Bay - Bay has not been healthy since signing with the Mets. Citi Field is certainly playing games with his head. The fences are now moved in and the walls brought down, Citi Field is still a pitchers park but that should help Bay at the plate in 2012. If Bay can play 140 games this year can be $15 bat. The days of 30-100-100 are a thing of the past.

Marlon Byrd - Last year was a rough season for Byrd after getting hit in the face at the plate. Byrd will probably go towards the end of the draft for most NL only leagues and you can probably get him for a cheap price. Could be a great value to fill out your roster although the Cubs will probably trade him sometime in July.

Melky Cabrera - The Melk Man had one of the best years in all of fantasy last year. This coming off a very weak 2010 for the Braves. He is now back in the NL, do not expect last season especially in San Fran but $15 year is a strong possibility.

David DeJesus - Coming off a rough year in that footbal stadium in Oakland. Could provide nice depth numbers to round out your outfield for a small price on draft day.

Carlos Gomez - Not sure how many AB's he will get between Nyjer Morgan and Aoki. Should get starts against left handed pitching but at best a 5th OF for your squad who can provide some speed but with a poor batting average to go with it.

Aubrey Huff - Reality set in for Huff last season after a magical 2010. He can still provide a depth bat for you and he also qualifies for 1B. But more hitters now in SF so if Huff gets off to a bad start he could wind up seeing very little time this season. On the last year of his two year contract.

Garrett Jones - Also qualifies for 1B, more of the same for 2012 which is decent power and a poor average.

Jason Kubel - I like his power bat in Arizona. If he can play 130 games this season I think he gives you at least a $15 year and maybe even $20.

Ryan Ludwick - Probably only gets you 350 AB's but in that ballpark in Cincinnati with that lineup, I like those 350 AB's. If Ludwick can get close to 400 AB's I am thinking a he can have close to a $20 year.

Nyjer Morgan - Will platoon with Gomez, should provide good depth for your team and with Prince gone, I think he runs a bit more so I see steals between 20 and 25 this year.

Lance Nix - Good cheap power bat and should get time at both 1B and OF.

Angel Pagan - His stats look better than he played last year but he did finish strong and the early word is he will leadoff for SF. Pagan is also playing for a contract as he is a free agent after this season. Capable of a $20 year but figure on a $15 year.

Alfonso Soriano - Buyer beware Cubs would love to move him and at least some of that salary even if they have to pay some of it. While everyone is down on Soriano he did have 26HR and 88RBI last year. If he goes less than $15 in your draft take him.

Andres Torres - Gets a second chance in NY. Had a magical 2010 but the glass slippery came off last year. Look at him as a depth player.

Will Venable - Going into last season was looked at as a poor man's Chris Young. Instead he was just poor last season. Not bad to take a flyer on to fill out your roster on draft day.
NL King - C.Lizza

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