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NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers Part 2

NL King Ranks NL Only Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers Part 2

You most certainly can build an effective starting rotation by building around a number of these guys while giving yourself more depth to your team in other areas. Maybe you also get lucky and have one of these guys break through in 2012. Or, you can test your luck at

Mark Buehrle - Should be solid play, going from AL to NL, numbers should help although the only downer is his K's are weak.

Trevor Cahill - Yes AL to NL, you would think would help but going from Oakland Coliseum to Arizona with 2010 being a special year, but two out of his three years his ratio was over 1.4.  Like the fact his K's have improved every year but I wouldn't spend that much on Cahill.

Chris Carpenter - Was healthy last year and had a good year but not a great year. In the past, if healthy, Carpenter would turn in a great year. He will be 37 in late April and has a whole variety of injuries in his career and he threw 273 innings last year including the post season. Warning.

Jhouyls Chacin - Enters Camp as one of the staff leaders unlike last year as he entered as a youngster with talent. How does Chacin handle being counted on as one of the rockies front end starters? If he can cut down on his walks can be a real nice pitcher.

Johnny Cueto - Was great last year when healthy. Doesn't seem like he will be a big strikeout guy but can be a $20 guy for you this year maybe even more if he can duplicate last year over 200 innings.

Jaime Garcia - Been a solid option his 1st two years in the big leagues. Solid $15 pitcher in NL only leagues.

Matt Garza - He might fly under the radar at your draft because he only won 10 games last year and is on a bad team. If he that happens then POUNCE because he is a strong ERA and Ratio guy with 200K's. Might only get you 12 or 13 wins though.

Gio Gonzalez - Moves from AL to NL but again leaves Oakland Coliseum which was a pitchers park. Still he is just 26 and will get you close to 200K's and probably 15 Wins with a real solid ERA with the Nats. The question with Gonzalez is can he make progress on getting those walks down so his ratio goes down?

Tommy Hanson - I like this kids stuff but remember he only made five starts after the all star break due to a partial tear of the rotator cuff and that was before his spring training concussion. He is a risk due to injuries so I would want a discount on draft day.

Daniel Hudson - Showed the summer of 2010 when he came over from the White Sox was no fluke. Looks like a solid $20 option for years to come.

Tim Hudson - Had back surgery in November and is probably going to miss all of April. Had a big time year in 2011 even had good amount of strikeouts but with his age and injury history a very big risk.

Jair Jurrjens - Had an All-Star first half last year but is potential trade bait and has had a number of injuries in his career (last two seasons has had 23 and 20 starts). I like Jurrjens but expect a $15 NL only starter who has risk.

Shaun Marcum - Was solid last year in Milwaukee but many people predicted better going from his success in the AL East to the NL Central. He is playing for a contract as he is a free agent after the season.

Johan Santana - Best case scenario is Santana makes 25 starts for the Mets and gives you a $15 to $18 year in NL only leagues. Need to get a huge discount.

Jordan Zimmerman - Was on an innings limit last year but when he pitched he was sensational. Need to show that last year was no fluke.  His W's and K's weren't high last year but should be a value in your draft.

NL King - C.Lizza

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