Sunday, April 29, 2012

NL King - Bryce Harper Alert

If you listened to my Bryce Harper strategy pre-draft, especially
in a keeper league and spent a few dollars on him because of the NL
King's article, you are loving the NL King right now. What can we

In AAA so far this year, in 20 games Harper's numbers are very
ordinary to say the least (1HR, 3RBI, 8R, 1SB, .250 Avg). But 
this kid's talent is immense. Is it possible that Harper is
not ready and winds up getting sent down after 3 weeks or so? Yes of
course if Harper struggles he needs more time than the Nats will send
him down, remember Mickey Mantle was sent down as well Roy Halladay at
the beginning of their careers. But having said that, If Harper can
show he can a decent to solid option I think the plan is for him to
stay. The Nats are not going to yo-yo him between the majors and AAA
unless he is not ready. I would expect good power numbers with the
potential for much more of course, I also can see him giving you some
nice secondary steals (not a ton but if he stayed for the rest of the
season I could see 10 to 12 steals) and let's say batting average
around .250.

It should be fun to watch Bryce Harper.

NL King - C.Lizza

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