Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NL King - Patience & Dealing with Injuries

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Believe it or not, even though the season is a little under a week old  
and there are a lot of fantasy baseball owners out there already pulling  
out their hair and in extreme frustration. I am going to be the voice  
of reason and tell everyone to relax it's early April. The 1998  
Yankees started out 1-4 and won 114 games that season. Players get off  
to slow starts sometimes and you just have to plug your way through  
it. To me most teams in the month of April should let their teams  
breath and get a sense of what your team is capable of.  Everyone  
should be paying attention to what's going on in MLB and how it  
effects your league. In addition you should be combing your league  
waiver wire - free agency and looking for any kind of player who can  
help you even in a small way such as middle reliever who can give you  
great ERA & Ratio and K numbers. The exception to the rule is if you  
walked out of your draft and said to yourself...I am so short on speed  
or power, saves or starting pitching, etc, etc. If that's the case you  
should quietly be reaching out to other owners in your league on  
players they have that you like that can shore up your team weakness.  
Other than that my call out to everyone in baseball fantasy land is to  
relax and enjoy April. Don;t get caught up too much in April  
standings. Yes getting off to a good start or even a great start is  
better than a poor one but remember it's a marathon not a sprint. Last  
season in a 12 team league I was in 9th place in late May and I  
finished 2nd. So show some patience, don;t make some crazy wild trade  
because your team had a bad first couple of weeks.

Now talking about injuries, Lets start with the Nationals' Mike Morse 
and Drew Storen. In the cases of Morse and Storen,  
they have hit setbacks and it appears Storen in a major way. Again  
when a player is hurt it takes time for that injury to heal and many  
times injuries are very slow healing (any kind of pull is slow  
hearing, Morse has the lat muscle). In addition teams take a very slow  
and cautious approach with injuries which delays things further. Morse  
was suppose to be back by this weekend and now it's looking like late  
April at the earliest, it'll probably be early May sometime. In Storen  
case despite countless tests it does appear it has a major situation.  
The final test results aren't in yet but the early word sounds like  
Storen could be out until July. Storen owners keep on top of his  
situation and in the meantime if Storen being out is going to make  
your team way short in saves you should be doing the research now on  
trade options with other owners in your league. Do not reach out or  
make any trade offers until you get the word on what exactly is going  
on with Storen and when he is expected back. But by doing the analysis  
and research now when the results are posted and if they are bad and  
you need to get another closer you will be ready to act immediately.  
Again when you get an injury to a player always estimate that it's  
going to take a little bit longer than what you are told. If the  
player comes back on time great but always prepare for the worse  
because that's what happens the majority of the time. For instance Tim  
Hudson is scheduled to come back May 1st but all Tim Hudson owners  
should understand he could be pushed back as well.

NL King - C.Lizza

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