Monday, May 14, 2012

NL King - Analyzing the first Six NL Only League Weeks

Listed below in no particular order are some random thoughts on the  
first six weeks of the season for NL Only leagues....

- Cargo might be putting together a magical year. He avoided the slow  
start that has bugged him the last two seasons. Now, he just needs to stay  
healthy, particularly with his wrists.

- I never seen a year when so early in the season we've had so much  
Closer turmoil. I mean, Bell, Marmol, Storen, Street, Wilson and  
Guerra. Due to Bell and Marmol's contracts, I'm sure the Cubs and the  
Marlins are going to try and get them back into that role. Storen  
sounds like he will be back late June - All-Star break. Street sounds  
like a 15 dayto 3 week thing (he always spends time on the DL),  
Wilson is done for the year, and Guerra has already lost his job.

- Jair Jurrjens has a great first half in 2011 and drafted as a    
top starter in the NL this year only to get demoted to the  
minors. Perfect example why it's so hard to have a successful fantasy  

- Freddie Freeman break out time table might be coming a bit earlier  
than people expected.

- Dexter Fowler better get his act together quickly because Tyler  
Colvin has been playing well.

- Another bad week or so and Paul Goldschmidt maybe heading to the  

- Hard to believe the Giants won't give more playing time to Brandon  

- Josh Johnson and Tim Lincecum, two top tier starters off to rough  
starts. I believe Lincecum will be fine. With Johnson, always have to  
wonder if that shoulder is okay.

- Dee Gordon has to hit because he does not walk at all!

- Lance Lynn, Bryan LaHair, Kyle Lohse really?

- Looks to me like Starlin Castro and Jay Bruce will have 2012 be their break  
out years...

- Why does any team pitch to Matt Kemp especially when you consider  
the rest of the Dodger lineup?

- Michael Morse is an example of how easy players have setbacks from  

- Bryce Harper looks like he has been playing in the majors for 5  
years. I am talking about "the way" he plays the game.

- David Wright looks like he is back to being a top fantasy player.  
Good to see because he is a great kid.

- Jason Heyward looks like he is going to emerge to the player  
everyone thought he would be two years ago.

- Jose Reyes will be fine, probably trying to live up to the contract.  
Happens all the time.

- Big players off to a terrible start like Rickie Weeks will be fine,  
they just need to stay healthy and they will hit a wicked hot streak.  
Stay patient.

- Ike Davis, I have no clue what is going on but we have to remember he  
did miss almost all of 2011.

- Furcal and Beltran look like the players they were in their prime.

- Johnny Cueto looks like he is emerging into an ace and Strasburg  
looks like someone who did not miss a year due to injury.

- If Tony Campana can get on base enough he will bat at the top of the  
Cubs lineup and be a stolen base weapon

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