Tuesday, May 01, 2012

NL King - It was only April

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This article is a reminder that April is just one month  
into the season. A lot of players, especially hitters, are notorious  
slow starters. I have Joey Votto and Rickie Weeks and at the time of  
this writing they have yet to get it going. As long as they stay  
healthy they will. In fact, the only area's I would have for a given  
team at this junction is injury situations (which there have been a  
lot) and certain players starts to the season that you were counting  
on them to be good. For instance, on my team I have Chase  
Headley and Rafael Furcal and I like what I am seeing. I know Votto and  
Weeks will be good but some of these other players that's where I  
really have my eyes on. That's who you should be following closely on  
you teams right now, these kind of players which I call bridge players.

Just to illustrate the point of April numbers, last year Michael  
Morse, for the month of April, had 1HR, 9RBI, 4R, 1 SB and  
a .224 Avg. Of course, his final numbers were 31HR, 95RBI, 73R, 2SB, . 
303 Avg. Carlos Gonzalez the last couple of years has got off to a  
very slow start including his insane 2010 season. Mark Teixiera is  
always a slow starter. Those off you from my generation will  
remember that Don Mattingly during the 80's, where he was arguably  
the best player in baseball, always had a very slow first 2 to 3 weeks.  
Like I said, in my last article you have to be patient.

SF Bullpen - Obviously with Brian Wilson gone for the year unless, the  
Giants pull off a trade which I doubt at this juncture, it's going to  
be either Santiago Casilla or Sergio Romo. Quite honestly, it could be  
one guys role as closer for a while and then it could flip. Also there  
will be situations where they could use Javier Lopez or Clay Hensley  
for a save as well. Both Casilla and Romo have excelled the last couple  
of years in terms of performance setting up for Wilson. Casilla did  
close for the Giants last September when Wilson was shut down and went  
6 for 6 in save situations. Both guys have the stuff to close the  
question is do Casilla & Romo have the mentality to be a closer over  
the course of a season and can the hold up physically as well as both  
have had bouts with injuries. Seems like Casilla will get the 1st  
chance to get the majority of the saves but when it's all said and  
done I think both guys at the end of year could give their owners good  
secondary saves.

NL King - C.Lizza

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