Friday, May 25, 2012

NL King - Slow Starts Hitting Vs Pitching

Let's talk about slow starts to some big players and in  
general, slow starts by your team be it hitting or pitching.  
You much rather have your hitting off to a slow start than your  
pitching. The reason I say that is because it's much easier and  
quicker for one's team to catch up and catch fire in a shorter period  
of time in terms of your hitting. Think about it, an everyday hitter  
plays every day. So players like Ryan Zimmerman, Rickie Weeks or Ike Davis
while have been way under performing they can have a red hot  
week or two and all of sudden their numbers can get back to where they  
should be. Also, they can have a monster game or two and again their  
numbers are back where they should be. Joey Votto was having a solid  
roto year into last weekend but Votto owners like myself said we need  
the power. Well, on Mothers Day Joey Votto had 3 HR's and 6 RBI's and  
then when you looked at his power line it looked pretty good versus  
the day before where it seemed Votto was way under. It can turn around  
quickly with hitting provided you have the horses of course.

In terms of pitching I am not saying if your off to a slow start it's  
hopeless. Far be it. What am I saying is it's going to take more time  
to bring your pitching stats in line. A starting pitcher only starts  
once ever 5 days and most of time doesn't go past 7 innings. A  
reliever might pitch 3 or 4 times a week but again we are probably  
talking about 4 innings a week at most for a reliever. Because of this  
it's going to take a number of good outings of the likes of Lincecum,  
Josh Johnson, Gallardo and Wainwright to get their numbers where one  
would think they would be. Heath Bell it's going to take at least a  
couple of stellar months to get his numbers to be good. So in terms of  
pitching it's going to take longer and your going to have to have a  
lot more patience.

I am going to break down some of the players I mentioned above and  
their ridiculous bad starts.

Ryan Zimmerman - Slow start which happens and then he got hurt. As  
long as his shoulder is okay he will catch fire soon and be the solid  
3B that he is.

Rickie Weeks - Has been in the abyss all season. The key with Weeks is  
staying healthy. As long as he is healthy he will be a strong middle  
infielder. Be patient.

Gaby Sanchez - Has been a steady eddie the last two seasons. He is not  
a star or anything but a player who can help your team win. I expect  
him to be solid. He's in the minors now but keep him stashed in NL Only.

Tim Lincecum - Very odd to see Lincecum be this bad. He has had 8  
starts, one great one, one good one the rest either not so hot or  
awful. As long as he is healthy one would assume he will go on a  
ridiculous streak.

Josh Johnson - Got a win in his last start and pitched well. You have  
to remember going into this season he had not pitched since last May  
so there might be a bit of rust to shake off. Also maybe he totally  
doesn't trust his body yet and when that happens performances suffer  
greatly. I just hope he is truly healthy, if he is he will get going.

Yovani Gallardo - He has got off to a bad start but Gallardo is very  
inconsistent and goes on hot and cold streaks all the time. You have  
to live with that if he is on your team.

Adam Wainwright - Remember he was out all last year with Tommy John.  
Be patient.

Heath Bell - I still believe Bell will find a way to get his act  
together and give his owners a good amount of saves. He is a bulldog.  
The days of killer numbers in ERA, Ratio & K's might be over but don't  
give Heath Bell away in a trade. Also remember he is on year 1 of a 3  
year deal that pays him 9 million a year. The Marlins have to have him  
be their closer

NL King - C.Lizza
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