Thursday, May 31, 2012

NL King - Upcoming NL Only Prospects

Back in March I did an article on a number of NL prospects who could  
be up in the majors at some point this year. I figured now is a good  
time to see where everyone is at and when we can expect them to the  
show. This list is in alphabetical order.

Nolan Arrenado - Col - 3B
Arenado is in AA and has been productive hitting .303 albeit only has  
3HR's. Remember Arenado is just 21 while I think there is a very good  
chance we see Arenado in Colorado this year my guess it would be end  
of July - early August.

Trevor Bauer - Arz - SP
Bauer is projected to be a future ace and many scouts felt he was  
ready for the major on opening day. He just got promoted to AAA  
recently and his MLB clock is ticking and quite frankly I expect Bauer  
to be with the D-Backs by mid June. Bauer has been dominant in the  
minors with a 1.60 ERA in 8 starts with 71K's in 56IP.

Brett Jackson - Chc - OF
The opportunity is there for Jackson but I don't think Theo & the boys  
will rush Jackson. While Jackson has a nice line of 4HR, 13RBI, 25R,  
7SB BUT he is only hitting .228 in AAA & has a ton of strikeouts  
(58K's). You will not see Jackson at Wrigley until his average goes up  
and his K situation gets much better. I would say by late July you  
should see Jackson in Wrigley.

Casey Kelly - SD - SP
Battling a cranky elbow and not pitching right now. Best case scenario  
I would think would be September callup.

Starling Marte - Pitt - OF
Marte is only hitting .246 in AAA but has 9 doubles, 4 triples and 2  
HR. He is a power / speed guy and the opportunity is there. If Marte  
over the next month can round out the edges he will be up with the  
Pirates by July 1st.

Wily Peralta - Mil - SP
Brewers are excited about Peralta but off to a slow start this year  
with a 5.36 ERA in AAA. I expect the Brewers to give Peralta a long  
look as a starter at the major league level after the all-star break.

Anthony Rizzo - Chc - 1B
Rizzo after a nightmare summer last year quite frankly is dominating  
AAA. He has to have regained his confidence with his numbers - 14HR,  
39RBI, .344AVG, .413OBP. Does have 46K's in 42 games which has been  
his biggest problem with his game. Word is the Cubs are getting close  
to promoting Rizzo and Soriano has been battling a hurt knee so I can  
see Rizzo up with the Cubs in early June.

Tyler Skaggs - Pitt - SP
Doing well in AA but with Bauer knocking on the door unless there are  
injuries I expect Skaggs to spend most of the season in the minors

Julio Teheran - ATL - SP
Been solid in AAA with a 3.31 ERA but you have to remember even though  
you have heard his name last couple of years Teheran just turned 21 in  
January. I am not sure if 2012 is the year Teheran makes an impact  
with the Braves. If I was a betting man he gets called up to the  
Braves very late summer

Josh Vitters - Chc - 3B
If the Cubs get tired of Ian Stewart I can see the Cubs letting  
Vitters play everyday in August & September. His strikeout rate  
however is a problem
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