Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fantasy Man - Nice Buy-Low Opportunities

Wow! Can you believe the injuries this year? The players we thought would be awesome? The players we thought would bust? That's why I don't listen to anyone by myself.  Everyone in the world said the Nationals would shut down Stephen Strasburg after 170 innings or so but if you listed to the GM, he never actually said that out loud. Melky Cabrera obviously not a bust. Ryan Howard still not back yet (I figured All-star break at minimum), Tim Lincecum killing fantasy hopes...... its all just too much for one guy to handle!

Luckily, there are a ton of great buy low opportunities so lets run through some of my favorites...

1. Rickie Weeks - Every year we're thinking 20HR/30SB or more and usually we get burnt. This year, Weeks is batting .180/5HR/6SB and has 8 hits in his last 7 games so don't go super crazy here, but definitely worth a look if you can get him cheap. He's healthy and so has a lot of catching up to do.

2. Ike Davis - Batting .190 with 7 HR and 33 RBI and sporting a 5 game hit streak. he was on the verge of being sent to the minors so this might be the beginning of a nice hot streak.

3. Tim Lincecum - His ERA and WHIP seem to be tanking in a weekly basis, but he's not giving up a lot of hits and his strikeouts are there.  Its more like the 3-run HR in the 5th inning that gets him along with the higher then normal walk rate and the extra high pitch counts.  People are getting antsy here and thinking he's hurt.  I dont think he's hurt so I'm willing to attempt a low buy trade and stock up for the second half.  He can't be this bad all year!

4. Cliff Lee - Someone asked me if he should trade his Stephen Strasburg and some prospects in a keeper league for Cliff Lee and Ian Kinsler (he needed a 2B upgrade) to be in a position to win a championship. I understand the keeper value of Strasburg but thats a no brainer deal. Imagine how good Lee will be when he actually starts accumulating wins....

Start with these guys and gear up for the second half!!


NL King - Random NL Only June Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts regarding NL players. This is in no  
particular order.....

- Hanley Ramirez and David Wright have shown that being 100% healthy  
means being elite players once again.

- Andrew McCutchen showing 2012 is his break out roto year

- Aroldis Chapman has been absolutely ridiculous. Could be an elite closer for  
years to come but remember guys with a lot of moving parts can lose  
it, i.e. Carlos Marmol and Ubaldo Jimenez

- Dodgers rushing Matt Kemp has killed all roto owners who rostered him

- Andre Ethier shows what he can do when healthy and on his walk year.

- I am shocked Brett Myers has been this dominant.

- Yadier Molina has gone from being a nice roto catcher to being the  
best in the NL per roto.

- Bryce Harper is the real deal already.

- Gio Gonzlez has taken the next step because he has cut back on the  

- Where was this AJ Burnett for the Yankees the last 2 years?

- Seems like Heath Bell is starting to put it back together.

- Carlos Gonzalez is trying to take away the #1 ranking in the NL from  
Matt Kemp. He just needs to stay healthy

- Melky Cabrera showing 2011 was no fluke.

- When did Omar Infante become a roto stud?

- As a fellow Rickie Weeks owner my advice is be patient.

- I expect Jose Reyes to catch fire now, slow start trying to live up to  
the contract.

- Ike Davis might need a couple of weeks in the minors to get his game  
together but starting to show some life, great to buy low now!

- Finally the Reds are giving Todd Frazier a chance.

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