Thursday, June 21, 2012

NL King - Random NL Only June Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts regarding NL players. This is in no  
particular order.....

- Hanley Ramirez and David Wright have shown that being 100% healthy  
means being elite players once again.

- Andrew McCutchen showing 2012 is his break out roto year

- Aroldis Chapman has been absolutely ridiculous. Could be an elite closer for  
years to come but remember guys with a lot of moving parts can lose  
it, i.e. Carlos Marmol and Ubaldo Jimenez

- Dodgers rushing Matt Kemp has killed all roto owners who rostered him

- Andre Ethier shows what he can do when healthy and on his walk year.

- I am shocked Brett Myers has been this dominant.

- Yadier Molina has gone from being a nice roto catcher to being the  
best in the NL per roto.

- Bryce Harper is the real deal already.

- Gio Gonzlez has taken the next step because he has cut back on the  

- Where was this AJ Burnett for the Yankees the last 2 years?

- Seems like Heath Bell is starting to put it back together.

- Carlos Gonzalez is trying to take away the #1 ranking in the NL from  
Matt Kemp. He just needs to stay healthy

- Melky Cabrera showing 2011 was no fluke.

- When did Omar Infante become a roto stud?

- As a fellow Rickie Weeks owner my advice is be patient.

- I expect Jose Reyes to catch fire now, slow start trying to live up to  
the contract.

- Ike Davis might need a couple of weeks in the minors to get his game  
together but starting to show some life, great to buy low now!

- Finally the Reds are giving Todd Frazier a chance.

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