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The Fantasy Man's 2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings - Second Base

The Fantasy Man's 2013 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman Rankings

1. Robinson Cano
2. Ian Kinsler
3. Dustin Pedroia
4. Chase Utley
5. Brandon Phillips
6. Dan Uggla
7. Ben Zobrist
8. Danny Espinoza
9. Jason Kipnis
10. Neil Walker
11. Aaron Hill
12. Rickie Weeks
13. Dustin Ackley
14. Howie Kendrick
15. Daniel Murphy
16. Jose Altuve
17. Omar Infante
18. Jemile Weeks
19. Gordon Beckham
20. Marco Scutaro
21. Brian Roberts
22. Jurickson Profar

* (9) Michael Young - Played 10 games at 2B so if your league guidelines are lax, Put Young into your top 10 as a no brainer.

Probable Overhyped Magazine Sleeper: Danny Espinoza
Last Years Overhyped Magazine Sleeper: Dustin Ackley
The Fantasy Man's Sleeper: Rickie Weeks - can't be as bad as he was last year
The Fantasy Man's Super Sleeper: Gordon Beckham
Bust Candidate: Aaron Hill - just seems to obvious, or Marco Scutaro as described below
Value Play - Jemile Weeks or a healthy Brian Roberts

Analysis: Ugh, talk about weak!  The catcher position looks deeper then normal this year, 1B is unbelievably deep but where you have major surplus in one, your super deficient in the other. Well that other is second base at the moment.  The first observation is how stale the elite list is. After Robinson Cano and Ian Kinsler, the rest of the list is one big question mark. It's almost as if you are ranking on name recognition alone. So best advice, grab a top ten while you can or else wait until this particular list is almost exhausted, then snag one when your forced too.  After this list, anyone else you choose is going to leave you a black hole at 2B all year!

My big sleepers here are Gordon Beckham, and Jemile Weeks with Danny Espinoza a bit higher up. I feel like these are the guys you can get at a great value.  I like Danny Espinoza who is a 20/20 player but hasn't hit for any kind of decent average. Still, he's quite young so there's upside potential. The 20/20 is legit though. I suppose he'll be one of the hot "sleepers" so maybe he shouldn't technically be a sleeper if everyone else is high on him. If he's not deemed a sleeper by anyone else, well, there you have it!

Gordon Beckham has been a bust since his second half break out a few years ago but there's a few things to like without reading too deep into it.  First, he's only 26 and about to enter his prime with three and a half or so years experience. Second, he doesn't strike out much (only 89 K in 525 AB) despite the low average. Third, he still hit 16 HR and walked 40 times.  And fourth, he seems durable, hasn't been hurt at all.  There's something here, I can feel it and I'll take a chance and leave my 2B slot open and live with Beckham at the end of the draft.

Jemile Weeks showed he can be a burner and hit for average in his rookie year in 2011 but took a step back last season.  If he secures the job out of spring training, I like the upside here despite his probable draft position which is likely in the late teens of a 12 team snake draft.  To bet on NFL Football, MLB Baseball or any other sport I suggest to check out the odds and stats before taking action.

As for the rest of this, I'm just not a believer in Omar Infante, Dustin Ackley has potential to make huge gains but his team and his ballpark keep his value down,  and Marco Scutaro has prime bust written all over him.  Not that Scutaro has much upside to begin with, he's a serviceable player, but his post season hype and heroics will likely have you drafting Scutaro a few rounds higher then he should be simply for a serviceable player.  You already now what you're getting from Uggla, Phillips, Zobrist and maybe Walker has a little bit of upside.  Aaron Hill and even Jose Altuve seem like good potential busts to me or simply dudes I don't plan on drafting.  Jury is still out on Jason Kipnis in my opinion and the Indians look bad offensively.

Maybe a few players not on this list to think about, potential sleepers in some situations (But players I'll likely skip)....

- Jordanny Valdespin - Nice talent but much to learn, has potential all-star ability but may not play full-time yet at any one position.

- Stephen Lombardozzi - Looks like a sleeper on paper but there's no full-time position for him. Will have value in NL only leagues as a utility player but doesn't offer much power or speed.

- Ryan Roberts - some power and speed but likely a low BA if he can play everyday somewhere

- Darwin Barney - Simply serviceable imo

That's where I stand on 2B. Seriously, if I haven't listed a player, I have no interest in drafting.  Not particularly excited about this position. In auction leagues, I'm likely throwing big money out at Cano and Kinsler or I'll take Utley in a value spot. After that, your guess is as good as mine. Otherwise I'll wait for Beckham or potentially a healthy Brian Roberts at the end of the draft.

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