Friday, January 27, 2012

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Outfielders OF Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Outfielders OF Rankings

1. Matt Kemp - 30+ SB potential makes Kemp an easy #1
2. Jose Bautista - Power numbers are insane and in middle of his prime
3. Ryan Braun - Use caution here - May be suspended for 50 games for failing drug test - Idiot!
4. Jacoby Ellsbury - His numbers in 2011 were ridiculous, I sense a slight regression, still 50+SB
5. Carlos Gonzalez - Was hampered last year by injuries, value if falls outside of the 1st Rd
6. Curtis Granderson - See Ellsbury, no way he hits 40 HR again, maybe 25-32 though
7. Justin Upton - probably the most upside of anyone, has Kemp like potential and more power
8. Andrew McCutchen - His team stinks but .280+/25+HR/30+SB/100RBI/100R is around the corner
9. Carl Crawford - Wrist surgery could delay spring a bit, not a serious but wrist injuries hurt production
10. Josh Hamilton - Injury risk who is NASTY when healthy
11. Mike Stanton - Big power, lots of K's, okay BA, dude is a BEAST, but I like .270+/35+/100+
12. Nelson Cruz - Injury risk like Hamilton but monster power plus 10 or so bags if healthy
13. Matt Holliday - Good all around numbers, provides BA, 20+ HR power and a few SB
14. Mike Morse - He's a monster! I suspect the BA comes down a bit but he's for real in the power dept
15. Jay Bruce - Will get better with age/experience, possible breakout year
16. Drew Stubbs - This is my breakout candidate of the year, possess 40/40 super high potential but I see more 25/30 potentially for 2012 with a not so great BA and a ton of K's.
17. Adam Jones - Only 26, getting better every year with the best still to come, great value in rds 6-8
18. Shin-Soo Choo - Injuries derailed 2011, value should be lower, health should be better
19. Hunter Pence - Contributes in 5 categories but still only a round 5-6 type player
20. Nick Markakis - This guy is soooo frustrating, in early prime, eventually he's going to break out.....
21. Chris Young - Great power speed combo, count on 20/20, hope for 25/25, pray for 30/30 w/ low BA
22. BJ Upton - Only 27 with 30/30 potential along with a low BA, high ceiling is 30/40
23. Shane Victorino - Getting older (31), possible injury risk, pay for .275/15/20
24. Carlos Beltran - Speed is mostly gone but 5-10 SB still there with .280/25HR+ power
25. Andre Ethier - Value super low, middle of prime, if healthy after knee surgery, should be a nice value
26. Ichiro Suzuki - All about BA and speed, great for H2H witha lot of categories
27. Brett Gardner - Posseses 5-10 HR power, slightly more RBI opportunity then Bourn
28. Michael Bourn - 50+SB, decent BA
29. Desmond Jennings - 10HR/20SB in 247 AB in '11 is insane!! This is the guy you stretch for...
30. Jayson Heyward - Bummer sophomore year but the .300/30/100/10 is
31. Alex Gordon - Nice breakout in '11, new hitting approach worked, I like .280/25HR/15SB/90RBI
32. Jayson Werth - Nice low value for a power/speed combo
33. Corey Hart - 25HR+ power last two seasons with 10SB potential
34. Lance Berkman - The fantasy surprise of 2011, don't expect the same outburst, slight regression IMO
35. Martin Prado - Low value, more of a .300 hitter then a .265 hitter.
36. Carlos Quentin - Trade to SD will sap his power numbers, more of a 20-25 HR guy with a full season
37. Grady Sizemore - Should be healthy for opening day, full spring training, could be a steal!
38. Matt Joyce - .270/25/80 seems about right
39. Ben Zobrist - Can't figure this guy out, 20/20 is there with a .260 BA similar to 2011, qualifies 2B/OF
40. Mike Cuddyer - Qualifies at OF/1B/and maybe 2B, now in Coors field could be a nice boost in power
41. Nick Swisher - Good quality hitter, durable, reliable, 20+HR, 75+RBI, .260+ should be expected
42. Melky Cabrera - .305BA/18HR/87RBI/20SB/102R/201H, expect some regression but not much
43. Torii Hunter - Consistent .260ish/23HRish/90RBIish - pretty sericeable, speed gone, on decline
44. Jason Bay - Love the low value and one of my favorite sleepers
45. Vernon Wells - Can't be worse then he was last year and I like players who have proven productivity
46. Alex Rios - Watching this guy on my roster is worse then getting kicked in the nuts
47. Logan Morrison - Tweet this!
48. Jason Kubel - Power hitter, hitters park, finally a full chance to play OF everyday
49. Delmon Young - Fielder/Cabrera/Young - RBI machine
50. Ben Revere - .280/50SB potential

More OF to consider:
Colby Rasmus - Big time potential, no more Tony LaRussa, super low value
Jeff Francoeur - More holes in his swing then the Major Deegan Expressway but only 28
Carlos Lee - 20+ power still there, speed is gone
Juan Pierre - Will probably slump in April & May and then go speed crazy in the second half
Austin Jackson - I like the all-around potential to increase slightly in every category
Cameron Maybin - Nice cheap power/speed combo
Chris Heisey - Should start in LF and hit 20-25 bombs
Mike Carp - 25HR power if a starter, qualifies 1B/0F
Angel Pagan - Cheap power/speed combo
Dexter Fowler - A break out is coming at 26, super cheap
Chris Coghlan - This guy you can probably pick in last round but could be a .300/10/15 if healthy
Denard Span - Battled injuries last season, offers BA and modest speed
Yonder Alonso - .300/20+ potential, probably best hitter in Padres lineup next to Carlos Quentin
Mike Trout - Lots of hype, lots of potential, but too young and no where to play
Bryce Harper - Interesting if he makes team but if he does, he'll struggle, dont stretch here, too young
Peter Bourjos - offers speed and maybe 15 HR with a.270 BA
John Mayberry - Freakish power and talent, if he can put together with a fulltime job - super sleeper
Brian Bogusevic - Power/speed combo = Super Sleeper
Coco Crisp - Always productive, lots of speed..... when he's healthy
Lucas Duda - sleeper with 20+ HR power with 500+ AB, OF/1B eligibility
Will Venable - could be a 15/30 player but his BA is atrocious....which makes for a great value

Monday, January 23, 2012

NL King: Players To Watch in the National League

Fantasy Baseball advice is starting to flow and with all of the moves, trades, aquisitions, its tough to keep up. Better late then never with preseason fantasy baseball advice I always say.  Below are a few players to think about in your NL Only leagues heading into Spring Training in the MLB....
Cincinnati Reds deal with the San Diego Padres:
The Reds landed a young talented front of the rotation starter in Matt Latos. Latos after a not so hot first half  in 2011, Latose finished last season strong in the second half. He did not have the year as he did in 2010 but still strong ratio and K numbers and a solid ERA albeit just 9 wins, but he did pitch for San Diego. Latos' wins should rise in 2012 pitching for a contender in Cincinnati and could easily break 15 wins.  On the other hand, coming from Petco Park to the Great American ballpark should effect his ERA and Ratio slightly. In Petco if Latos got behind the count I am sure he challenged hitters with that Grand Canyon of a ballpark behind him. I am sure he'll have a different attitude in Cincinnati. Having said that in NL only leagues if he can land Latos at $17 or less you got yourself a deal.

The Padres landed Edinson Volquez along with three of the Reds top six prospects that includes Yonder Alonso. A lot of people are waiting for the Volquez we saw the first half of 08 re-emerge. Inconsistent due to his control problems and injuries have made Volquez a tease. Volquez going to San Diego could make him a great sleeper for this coming year. He will not be a big win guy but in that big ballpark and with the help of pitching guru Bud Black around Volquez is a great gamble pick for 2012 provided you get him on the cheap. He did have a 1.57 ratio last year as well as stint in the minors.

Yonder Alonso is finally going to get his chance to show he belongs in the big leagues. He is more of a gap hitter but if you picked him up in your leagues last season off the waiver wire or free agency for a cheap price, Alonso could be a great fit as your corner infielder (basically your 3rd corner player) and could sport you a .300+BA with 20+ HR pop.

Mike Cuddyer and Jimmy Rollins sign:
Michael Cuddyer signed with the Colorado Rockies and provided he stays healthy next year, I love the chances of this guy being a $25 NL only player. He should hit 5th in that lineup and with guys around him like Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzski, Cuddyer should be in an excellent position to put up numbers. Going from Target field in Minnesota to Coors Field is going to help a lot. I believe Cuddyer will give his NL owners a plus batting average along with 25HR, 90 R & RBI and throw in 12 or so steals.

Jimmy Rollins stays with the Philadelphia Phillies. His days of having an MVP season like he did in 2007 are long gone but he can still be a solid NL only roto player. Just don't overpay for him based on the name.

Trevor Cahill comes to the National League:
Normally when a picther goes from the AL to the NL you expect him to pitch better but in this case, I'm unsure. Cahill last 3 years pitched in the Oakland Coliseum and now pitches in Arizona where the ball flies. Also of his three years in the majors as a full time starter, albeit 2010 was a great year, but the other two years were not good in terms of fantasy starting pitcher. Even when going well, Cahill has been a low K guy. I would be wary here.
NL King - C.Lizza @ TheNLKing