Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Thumbs Up for Uncomplicated Fantasy Baseball Advice

By David Bobke

If I'm gonna be honest, I think that the smarter we get in Fantasy, the dumber we become.

Mike just posted about his strategy and advice to fantasy baseball players. While I, in my two years of playing Fantasy Baseball think Mike's out of his mind, respect Mike's opinion regardless of whether I agree with him or not, I think he's nuts, but apart from that he is spot on with his article Uncomplicated Fantasy Baseball Advice For 2013. Keep the draft strategy simple, don't overcomplicate things and cheat whenever possible.

In particular, I want to throw my support behind Mike for President his third point, “Choose Experience Over Unproven Upside.”

Case in point, last year's draft. 10 teamer. Fifth round comes up, and I went with the guy my peeps told me to trust. Paul Konerko.

I took a ribbing in the draft chat room. I trusted my experts, they had my back. No Desmond Jennings or Brett Lawrie (both 6th Rounders in this draft) for me.  Konerko was solid all year. I look at that pick, and I'm still pleased with that pick and I rub it in every time I talk to my opponents. He did tail off later in the season, but he still proved to be good enough for what I needed through the year.

I took a ribbing for my Joe Mauer pick later on as well, but my peeps came through there too. They said he was healthy, and I could honestly tell you that I trusted him to stay fairly healthy all year.

“Whoa,” said one snotball opponent of my worthy opponents, “that's way early for Mauer!” Nevermind that he was one of the “top available players,” according to the website in question. I thought I'd rather have him than Matt Moore. I took Mauer in the 10th, he wound up a top 70 player.

And again, I can laugh at the non-believer I call a friend.

Eric Hosmer...Jesus Montero...more guys I liked, but not where they were being selected.

I can't say that you should never draft young players who haven't given a full year or two of service in the majors yet, but...more often than not...WAY more often than not...that pick will burn you. Dee Gordon may not have done too much damage to your team, but he may not have been worth what you paid for him.

Now I'll admit, if I have the third pick, I'm tempted to take Mike Trout. I can probably deal him off for some great players right after the draft, however,  I am taking some risk there. Being the Fantasy Gambler that I am, I'd probably risk it.

I'll finish with this: If you wanna ride “The Next Big Thing,” then be willing to crash with them too. Remember, Brock Lesnar was dubbed “The Next Big Thing” in WWE. They had big plans for him because he had everything he would need to be a superstar heel. He was gone before long (granted, he may be back now, but if you were in a Fantasy Wrestling keeper league back then, you couldn't have been too pleased!)

Yes, I used a pro wrestling reference. I went there. I'm just saying, if you pick a young, unproven player, don't think you're King Crap. If you end up watching him fail miserably, you will find there is nothing worse except listening to Kriss Kross dubbed into Chinese .

David Bobke

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