Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Express Loves A-Rod

I'd first like to say to all of you who have supported Fantasy Baseball Express and The Fantasy Man since 2006, THANK YOU!  We've had our ups and downs over the years and while I'm not as active as I used to be, one thing remains constant..... you can always come to FBE and expect knowledgeable fantasy baseball advice.  You may not always agree, but you're always interested in what we have to say. So for that, thank you.

This past week I've received a few emails about utilizing Alex Rodriguez on my website header considering some of the news breaking recently.  Some people have suggested I take him down or change it up.  My response is a very quick.... ummm no thanks!  Not sure why people care about my website header so much but I'll play along....

I love everything that is A-Rod when it comes to fantasy baseball.  If not for A-Rod and some of the greatest fantasy baseball seasons of all-time, I might not be a legitimate "fantasy man".  I can't tell you how many fantasy leagues this guy single-handedly helped me win.  I'm a Yankee fan as most loyal readers know, and I'm an even bigger A-Rod fan.  Does that fact that he admitted to using PED"s change my view on one of my favorite players?  That's a negative because according to him, he didn't do it while on the Yankees!  And you know what, I believe him ;)

Hey look, the A-Rod banner has been a staple of The Fantasy Man brand and whether he's guilty of using PED's or not is irrelevant.  Why you ask?  We'll, I'll leave you with this..... and yeah, I said it...

".... because PED's, Steroids, HGH or whatever you want to call it is GOOD for fantasy baseball!"

- The Fantasy Man

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