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NL Only 2013 Fantasy Baseball OF Rankings Part 1 of 3

My Fantasy Baseball NL Only outfielders rankings will be split up into 3 parts. My Part 1 list is 8 deep as these are special players for various reasons. Lets kick it off....

Ryan Braun - MIL - What's not to love? Has played at least 150 games the last 5 years, is good for 30HR, 100+ in both Runs and RBI, has hit at least 30 steals last 2 years and has hit over .300 last 5 years. Only thing that can stop Ryan Braun from being the #1 fantasy baseball hitter in the NL is missed games due to injury or other reasons.

Matt Kemp - LAD - Missed 56 games last season so Kemp's final numbers were nowhere near where they should have been. Everything was there except the steals but he was dealing with a leg injury. 2011 was ridiculous year and one of the top 5 hitting years in terms of fantasy baseball since 2000,  so you shouldn't expect a season like that again. However, Kemp should easily hit 30HR, 100+ in both R and RBI, 20SB and .300+Avg if he can stay healthy. If he slips in your draft due to the missed games last year then POUNCE!!!

Carlos Gonzalez - COL - How good is CarGo? When you go 22HR, 85RBI, 89RBI, 20SB, .303Avg and the season is considered a disappointment that shows you how good CarGo is. He only played in 135 games and hasn't yet topped 145 in a season. So what are the keys for success for CarGo? Play 150 games and be consistent and numbers will be scary. Remember He's only 27 entering the prime of his career. If the big money is going to the other elite hitters in your draft and Cargo slips then please please please POUNCE!!!

Andrew McCutchen - PIT - McCutchen broke through in a huge way in 2012. Imagine if the Pirates had some hitters around him. I don't know if he'll hit .327 again this year but I think .290+ is a good assumption. Power and speed and should get 100+ R and RBI. Will McCutchen feel the pressure of a repeating last season? My guess he'll be a stud again in 2013.

Justin Upton - ATL - Yes, 2012 was a disappointing season for Upton but now he has the drama of Arizona behind him and is going to play with his brother every day in Atlanta. Like CarGo how good is Upton? Nearly has a 20/20 season with 100+ Runs and his season was considered a disappointment. Remember he's only 25. I expect 25HR and SB, 100+ R and RBI and an average of .290+.

Bryce Harper - WAS - That's right, I have Harper on this list. When you almost go 20/20 with 100 Runs scored while playing in 139 games at the age of 19 I would say big things are in store. This kid believes so I do not see his game having a sophomore slump. In fact, I believe he'll take it up a notch with a great chance to be a 30/30 man with 100 Runs and RBI will be dictated where he hits in the lineup. I would predict Harper will hit between .270 - .285.

Giancarlo Stanton - MIA - Missed nearly 40 games and still had 37 HR and 86 RBI. He is the real deal although is also very unhappy after the Marlins fire sale. Could Stanton get traded? Anything is possible with Miami so keep that in mind especially in NL only leagues. Stanton should put up big power numbers again with a strong average despite the weak supporting cast. One thing to keep in mind is opposing teams might just refuse to pitch to him. How will he handle that? Still this kid has so much talent.

Matt Holliday - SST - May not be the force he once was and his days of stealing bases are over but if you want money in the bank in terms of numbers in the other 4 categories than Holliday is your man. Expect a repeat of last season. Only caution here is Holliday is 33 and as you get older there is more risk for injury.

Up next Outfielders Part 2 of 3

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