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NL Only 2013 Fantasy Baseball OF Rankings Part 2 of 3

Here's the NL King's part 2 of 3 fantasy baseball NL Only Outfielders rankings.   The players listed below may not be elite but can be strong contributors to your fantasy baseball squad for 2013. Almost all of these players have question marks. This list will be done in alphabetical order simply because there are too many question marks and are all ranked close to each other in my opinion.

Norichika Aoki - MIL - One of the big surprises of 2012. Word was could be an excellent 4th OF but from May on he became an everyday player. In 133 games had 30SB, 81R, hit .288 and 10HR and 50RBI pretty strong for a non power guy. Was last year the real deal? Anytime a guy is a big surprise such as Andres Torres was a couple of years ago you have to ask will the player do it again or is he a one hit wonder?

Carlos Beltran - STL - Missed nearly 30 games and still went 32HR, 97RBI, 83R, 13SB with .269 Avg. He is 35 and has had some injury issues the last few years but Beltran is also playing for a contract as he is a free agent after the season. I don't see Beltran playing more than 140 games but can still be a really productive bat.

Jay Bruce - CIN - If Bruce can make some minor adjustments maybe instead of being a 35HR, 100RBI, 90R, .250's Avg guy, Bruce can hit close to .270 and be a 40+HR guy with 115RBI and 100R. If not, he's a strong power hitter. Keep in mind he is only 26 so he can still get better as he enters his prime years.

Carl Crawford - LAD - Last 2 years have been a disaster. Let's see where his health is come Spring Training and how he looks. If all systems are go I won't expect his glory years to come back but if you can get him for a cheap price come the draft could be a solid contributor. Do your research about his health and the risks of his health going forward.

Shin-Soo Choo - CIN - Has power and speed and is playing for a contract as he's a free agent after this season. Also playing in the Reds lineup and in the Great American Ballpark doesn't hurt either. Has a really good chance to be 20/20 with 80+ in R & RBI with an average of .285+.

Michael Cuddyer - COL - Can be a very solid player but needs to reach the 140 game mark. Also qualifies at 1B which is a plus. He will be 34 at the start of the season and Colorado could look to trade him this summer. Beware of a trade to the AL.

Andre Ethier - LAD - Very simply, if Ethier is healthy he will produce his usual solid numbers.

Dexter Fowler - COL - To say Fowler has been inconsistent is putting it mildly. Even Colorado doesn't know what to do with him as they explored trading him this off-season as well talking about signing him to a long term contract. Last year was the first season Fowler showed any kind of pop. While he's one of the fastest players in baseball he's clueless on the art of stealing bases, hence the reason he's only averaging 12-13 bases the last few years. If Fowler can be a consistent player he can be a very strong tier II outfielder, but he's still a risk.

Carlos Gomez - MIL - Was a guy who would play part time but get you close to 20SB and bury your average. Last year Gomez had a career year across the board and now in 2013 he is playing for a contract as he is a free agent after this season. My belief is he's a hard player to bank on duplicating last season although he is capable.

Jason Heyward - ATL - Bounced back after a bad sophomore season. Easily a 20/20 man and on this list has the best chance to advance to elite status this year.

Jason Kubel - ARI - In that ballpark, Kubel very easily can duplicate last season but just has to stay healthy.

Angel Pagan - SF - How will Pagan live up to his new big contract? Very capable of being a solid average guy with 90+R and close to 30 SB's.

Hunter Pence - SF - Also a free agent come 2014 so he's hoping for a monster year which will lead to a monster payday. SB's have been nonexistent last 2 years but still very capable of being a 25HR, 100RBI, 85R and solid average guy. Although Pence did hit a career low .253 last season, he's still a lifetime .285 hitter.

BJ Upton - ATL - Should give you between 20-25 HR's, close to 30 steals but will be a major drag on your average averaging between .237 - .246 the last 4 years. Also does BJ press due to his new contract? How does he do in a new league facing new pitchers?

Jason Werth - WAS - Werth has power and speed. After a rough first season in Washington, Werth's second season was an injury plagued one where he only played in 79 games. Even at the age of 33, he's capable of being a 20/20 man. Surrounded by a strong supporting cast which could really help his numbers and in many drafts might slip due to his production the last two seasons. He's an excellent gamble to put up a real good year.

Next Up is NL Only Outfielders Part 3 of 3

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