Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NL Only 2013 Fantasy Baseball OF Rankings Part 3 of 3

Today we conclude our NL Only fantasy baseball outfielders rankings.  We wrap up the outfielder rankings here with a quick note on each player which again will be in alphabetical order.

Tyler Colvin - COL - May not be considered a starter per say but because he can play 1B and every OF position he will get 400+AB's. No reason Colvin can't repeat last year after a horrific 2011. But Colorado is a good place for a hitter and he also qualifies at 1B.

Lucas Duda - NYM - Had a good first half and if he could get 500AB's could give you low 20's in HR's.  However, can he hit over .250?

John Jay - STL - Can help you across the board although no number jumps out other then average. Oscar Taveras time is close so keep that in mind.

Ryan Ludwick - CIN - Had great power numbers when you consider he only played in 108 games. But this season Ludwick will play a lot more and Chris Heisey will be the 4th OF. In that ballpark and with that lineup, Ludwick should be a real quality power bat.

Starling Marte - PIT - In 167 AB's showed everyone his power and speed combo. Could be a very good addition to your squad but don't go crazy with your draft dollars on Marte come draft day there's no guarantee he's going to be a starter to start the season.

John Mayberry Jr - PHI - Had and awful first half but very quietly had a strong second half. Could be a nice off-the-radar pickup come draft day.

Cameron Maybin - SD - Like Dexter Fowler, has a lot of tools and every year fantasy owners think that this will be the year for Maybin. Maybin will help you in steals but has to hit for a much better average to be a valuable fantasy player.

Juan Pierre - MIA - Could be good for runs and steals but will get traded by July 31st to a contender.

Carlos Quentin - SD - This guy can't stand healthy. If Quentin can play just 130 games which he has only done twice in his career he'd be a very strong power source even in Petco. However, Quentin has never played more than 131 games in a season.

Ben Revere - PHI - Absolutely no power but if he can hit above .285 he can be a very valuable player in steals for sure and runs.

Cody Ross - ARI - Solid power source and in a good lineup and good ballpark. Arizona will play 4 OF's so Ross may get low 400AB's instead of 500+.

Justin Ruggiano - MIA - This 30 year old journeyman literally came out of nowhere and had a huge second half. Was this a fluke? Buyer beware on guys who come out of nowhere like this.

Alfonso Soriano - CHI - Quietly had a huge power year but have to worry about his age of 37 years old.  The cubs are looking to unload Soriano so keep in mind he could be traded to the AL as a DH.

Denard Span - WAS - On the Nats should hit leadoff score 90+ Runs, Steal 25+ bases and hit .280+. Not much power but can help you in the other categories.

Jose Tabata - PIT - Had a lost season last year but PIT has him signed to a long term deal and he could rebound and give you a solid year in Avg, Runs and SB's for a cheap price come draft day.

Will Venable - SD - If he can hit .260+ like last year unlike 2010 and 2011, Venable can give you 20SB's and 10+HR's he can be a solid fantasy player.

Delmon Young - PHI - Could be a solid power bat and go under the radar in your draft.

NL King - C.Lizza

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