Saturday, February 16, 2013

NL Only 2013 Fantasy Baseball SP Rankings Part 1

2013 NL Only Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers Rankings.  This is part 1 of 3 which will consist of staff Elite, Ace Value and Ace Potential.

Elite Starting Pitchers:
Clayton Kershaw - LAD - What is there to say other than he's #1 in the NL. The only category that Kershaw did not dominate was Wins which should change this year with the improved Dodger lineup.

Stephen Strasburg - WAS - Will be interesting to see how the Nationals handle Strasburg this season. But obviously he is capable of winning the NL CY Young.

Cole Hamels - PHI - Elite across the board.  Only question is will the offense score enough runs so Hamels can win close to 20 games.

Roy Halladay - PHI - I am still considering Doc an ace but last year was concerning and he will be 36 in May. Halladay is very capable of rebounding to an ace year and he'll go a much cheaper price come draft day.

Cliff Lee - PHI - Yes, a guy with 6 wins can make the aces list. He was still top notch in ERA, WHIP and K's. He was the most unluckiest pitcher in the NL last year. This won't likely happen two years in a row. He is still money in the bank in my opinion.

Ace Value:
Gio Gonzalez - WAS - Made progress with his walks but still a small red flag. If he can cut those BB's slightly his elite potential rises.

Matt Cain - SF - Finally broke 15 wins but through no fault of his own. Great ERA and Ratio numbers and his K's are knocking on the door of 200.

Johnny Cueto - CIN - Every year has improved across the board. Has a great chance to become a true ace this year.

Madison Bumgarner - SF - Needs to trim down his ERA and Ratio to be elite but he is not that far away. Plus, he's still a tick behind Matt Cain.

Zack Grienke - LAD - Capable of the CY Young season he had in KC (09) but has not duplicated that year yet. Last year had an ERA around 3.50 and the year before that 3.83. How will Grienke handle the pressure of a big market like LA after signing that huge contract? This is someone who has suffered from anxiety that effected his performance in the past. Again, capable of winning the CY Young but there are questions.

Ace Potential:
Kris Medlen - ATL - Pitched like Sandy Koufax the last two months of the season but we need to see it over the course of a full season.

Jordan Zimmerman - WAS - Sooner or later will get run support and break 15 wins. Needs to increase K's to a 150 to 160 a season.

Adam Wainwright - STL - Started slow but finished well. Very capable of going back to his elite status. Also a free agent after this season so playing for a huge payday. Remember last season he was coming back after missing the entire 2011 season.

Matt Latos - CIN - Has one year under his belt outside of Petco. Very capable of repeating last year but with numbers 15% better.

Yovani Gallardo - MIL - Strong in W's and K's but just average when it comes to ERA And Ratio.

NL King - C.Lizza

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