Monday, March 25, 2013

NL King - 5 Key NL East Questions

Today we break down the key NL East 5 key questions by team. Let's get to it.

Atlanta Braves:
- How long will Brian McCann be out for and will he go back to his old form?
- Will Kris Medlan break through as an ace this year or was last August & September just a hot streak?
- Can Julio Teheran be a solid starter this year?
- Will the Upton brothers each put together a huge season?
- Is this the year Jason Heyward becomes an elite fantasy player?

Miami Marlins:
- Who else will the Marlins trade this season besides free agent to be Rickey Nolasco?
- Can Giancarlo Stanton put up big numbers with hardly a supporting cast?
- Is Justin Ruggiano the real deal or a flash in the pan?
- Will Christian Yelich be up with the Marlins by the summer?
- Can any of the players the Marlins got from Toronto make a fantasy impact this year?

New York Mets:
- Can any of the Mets outfielders have any fantasy value?
- When will D'Arnaud and Wheeler be up?
- Can Johan Santana make any sort of fantasy impact or is he done?
- Can Bobby Parnell be an effective closer?
- Can either Niese or Harvey take a big step this year?

Philadelphia Phillies:
- Can that older core bats put together a strong season?
- Will Doc Halladay rebound or is he past his prime?
- Will Ben Revere steal 50 bases?
- Can either Domonic Brown or John Mayberry Jr break though this year?
- If the Phillies have a bad 1st half will they look to rebuild?

Washington Naturals:
- Will Strasburg win the cy young?
- Will Harper be in contention for the MVP?
- Will Ryan Zimmerman stay healthy for a full season?
- Will Adam LaRoche repeat his best season ever from 2012?
- Will Dernard Span put up a big year as Nats leadoff man on this loaded team?

Tomorrow will do the NL Central.

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