Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NL King - 5 Key Questions NL Cental

Today we take a look at the 5 key Questions per team for the NL Central. Let's kick it off.

Chicago Cubs:
- Who is on Third and can they do anything?
- How long will Marmol, Garza & Soriano be Cubs this season?
- Will Samardzja take the next step and become a front line starter?
- Will Rizzo become an elite 1B?
- Will Castro have a break through season?

Cincinnati Reds:
- Will Johnny Cueto follow up his big 2012?
- Will Joey Votto put his knee injury from last year behind him and challenge for the MVP?
- In this loaded lineup will all these guys feed off each other?
- Will Choo be 20/20?
- Will Mesoraco show his promise?

Milwaukee Brewers:
- Will Lohse be in the rotation in mid April and will he be the force he was last year?
- Will Hart be back late April or mid May?
- Will it be the Axford of 2011 or 2012?
- Will Carlos Gomez & Norichika Aoki duplicate last season?
- What will the Brewers get out of Estrada, Fiers & Narveson?

Pittsburgh Pirates:
- Can McCutchen put up that 2012 monster year again?
- Can Starling Marte be a strong contributor?
- Can Pedro Alvarez cut down some K's and hit 40HR's?
- What will the Pirates get out of their starting pitching?
- Will Grilli have a hard time closing?

St. Louis Cardinals:
- How long will Motte & Freese be out for?
- Can Craig play 150 games and put up a monster season?
- When will Oscar Taveras be up this season?
- Will Wainwright go back to his ace form?
- Can Molina duplicate his career year or anywhere close to it?

Tomorrow we do the NL West.

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