Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NL King - 5 Key Questions NL West

Okay we finish this three part series today with the NL West. Let's break it down.

Arizona Diamondbacks:
- Will Ian Kennedy bounce back and have an ace lite year like he did in 2011?
- Does Goldschmidt emerge as a true 5 category stud this year?
- Does Aaron Hill repeat his 2012 production?
- How long will Ross and Eaton be out for?
- Can Wade Miley do it again?

Colorado Rockies:
- Can any Rockies starting pitcher provide positive value?
- Does Cargo play 150+ games and put up huge fantasy year?
- Will Fowler still be a tease or put together a big season?
- Does Cuddyer get traded during the season?
- How long does Helton stay a starter if he struggles?

Los Angeles Dodgers:
- Will Carl Crawford stay healthy and what can we expect?
- How does Greinke do in year 1 of the mega contract?
- Will Ryu make a strong impact right away?
- If Jansen stays healthy how long before he takes the closer job away from League?
- What do the Dodgers do with Lilly, Harang & Capuano if everyone else is healthy?

San Diego Padres:
- Is Chase Headley a Padre on August 1st?
- Is Gyorko in contention for Rookie of the year?
- Is any Padre starting pitcher worth owning?
- How will the fences that are moved in play this year?
- Can Quentin play 120 games?

San Francisco Giants:
- Does Lincecum put up a huge year in his walk year or is he done?
- Does Belt show he is a core Giant for years to come this year?
- Can Sandoval play 140 games?
- Does Pence put up a monster year in his walk year?
- Does Pagan stay hungry after his big contract?

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