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NL King - By The Numbers

Today we are going to break down the 10 categories in the NL and see how many players reach certain thresholds when it comes to certain stat numbers. I think you find this very interesting.


Average - There were only 13 hitters in the NL last year to hit .300 or better and only 4 hitters hit .310 or better. 6 Hitters hit between .290 and .299. So only 19 hitters hit .290 or better.

Runs - Only 4 players scored 100 runs or more. 12 Players scored between 90 and 99 runs & 8 Players scored between 85 and 89 runs. So 24 players scored 85 or more runs.

HR - Only 1 player hit more than 35 HR's (Braun at 41). There were 10 players to hit between 30 and 34 HR's & 7 players to hit between 25 and 29 HR's. So 18 players hit 25 or more HR's.

RBI - 9 Players drove in 100 or more runs and 10 players drove in between 90 and 99 runs. 6 players drove in between 85 and 89 runs. So 25 players drove in 85 or more runs.

SB - There were only 2 players to steal more than 40 bases (top 2 were at 42 & 40). There were 6 players to steal between 30 and 39 bases, 3 players between 25 and 29, 6 players between 20 and 24 and 8 players between 15 and 19. So only 17 players with 20 or more steals and 25 players with 15 or more steals. Interesting to note that the top 4 in steals in the NL last season as now all playing in the AL. They were Bourn (42), Reyes (40), Victorino (39) and Altuve (33). Also Drew Stubbs who was tied for 5th place in steals with 30 is also now in the AL. We did gain Revere (40), BJ Upton (31) & Choo (21).

Quick Facts:
- There were 7 players in the NL last season to go 20 HR & 20 SB (Braun, McCutchen, Heyward, Rollins, C.Gonzalez, Desmond & Hanley Ramirez). Also we gained BJ Upton to the NL and he also went 20/20 last season.

- There were only 2 players who went at least 25 HR, 90 R & RBI, 15 SB, .290 Avg and they were Braun & McCutchen

Wins  - There were only 2 starters in the NL last season to win at least 20 games and they were Gio Gonzalez and RA Dickey. Dickey is now in the AL. There were 14 other starters to win between 15 and 19 games.

ERA - There were 7 starters with an ERA below 3.00 and 7 starters with an ERA between 3.00 and 3.40.

Ratio - There were 4 starters with a Ratio (WHIP) below 1.10 and 11 starters with a ratio between 1.10 and 1.20.

K's - There were 6 starters with 200 strikeouts or more and 11 starters with strikeouts between 170 and 200.

Saves - There were 2 closers with over 40 saves (Kimbrel & Motte at 42 each), 4 closers between 35 and 39 (Chapman 38 now a starter, Papelbon 38, Hanrahan 36 now in AL and Axford at 35). There were 3 closers with saves between 30 and 34 (Putz 32, Clippard 32 now a setup man, and Betancourt 31). The NL is gaining a 40 save guy in Rafael Soriano (had 42 saves last season).

Quick Facts:
- There were 5 starters in the NL last season who compiled 15 or more wins, an ERA of 3.30 or less, a Ratio of 1.20 or less and at least 170K's. They were Gio Gonzalez, RA Dickey (now AL), Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels and Matt Cain.

The point of breaking down these stats is to analyze the value of a player if they get you certain stats be it in power or speed or average or on the pitching side. So when a trade presents itself in the off-season for a proven player with these kind of stats you should really look at the trade instead of just saying "I can get a guy like that in the draft". Or if during the draft a player goes a couple of dollars more than you thought that falls into these numbers instead of saying "that's over what I value" you just might want to be more flexible.

Next up is a player profile article on Ian Kennedy. That comes on Wednesday.

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