Monday, March 18, 2013

NL King - Player Profile - Shin-Soo Choo

Todays player profile is on the new addition to the NL Reds outfielder Shin-Soo Choo. Choo has put up some very good years in the AL including 2 seasons where Choo had 20/20 seasons (20+ HR's and  SB's). However that was during the 09 & 10 seasons so it's been a couple of years since that has happened.

Choo will turn 31 this summer and is a free agent after the season. So Choo and his super agent Scott Boras is looking for a big season that can lead to a big payday. Choo has been a starting outfielder since 2008 so let's break down his stats in Cleveland from 08 through last season.

08 - 14HR, 66RBI, 68R, 4SB, .309Avg in 317 AB's
09 - 20HR, 86RBI, 87R, 21SB, .300 Avg in 583 AB's
10 - 22HR, 90RBI, 81R, 22SB, .300 Avg in 550 AB's
11 - 8HR, 36RBI, 37R, 12SB, .259 Avg in 313 AB's
12 - 16HR, 67RBI, 88R, 21SB, .283 Avg in 598 AB's

2013 Outlook:
Choo is joining a new league so the beginning of the season there could be an adjustment period for Choo. Also it sounds like Choo will play center instead of right in the outfield so how does that impact his hitting? On the plus side Choo is playing in one of the best hitters parks in MLB and he is surrounded by a very strong and deep lineup. That should really help Choo's numbers. Having said that while Choo possesses good power and good speed it's not exceptional. I think Choo has a good chance to go back to a 20/20 season in Cincinnati with a batting average over .290. However I think it's a good chance and by no certainity a lock. A very good player but not an exceptional one keep that in mind on draft day.

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