Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NL King - Don't Fall into April Panic

Okay this is a service announcement to all Roto owners about making April trades. I am very leery about making April trades. Unless you walked out of your draft and said to yourself "self I am way short on steals or power or starting pitching etc" my advice is to let your team breathe in the month of April and see where you stand in your league come May 1st.

Certain players will get off to hot starts and certain players will be ice cold. But you have to remember the baseball regular season is a marathon. It's a 6 month season. There are a lot of players who are doing great the first 10 days of the season but a lot of these guys who are red hot now have had a history of being streaky or inconsistent players or injury prone etc.

My point being is making a trade is a very big move so if you left your draft and felt that your team had a number of strengths and balance to it and the categories that you needed to work on you are in striking distance then I say let's see how your team looks come May 1st. I would keep an eye on your leagues free agency / waiver wire sometimes picking up a small player this time of the year could wind up being a huge move. In my league this time last year the owner who winded up winning the league picked up Wade Miley off the free agency list for a minimum bid. Miley went on to have a huge year. That does happen so comb through your free agent / waiver wire lists and do everything you can to see if you can find these kind of small moves that can help your team both in big and small ways.

But most important don't panic yourself into making an April trade because I have seen it really bite people in the past. Having said that if someone approaches you with a trade in April, take a look at it, analyze it thoroughly and maybe you can take advantage of someones April panic.

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