Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NL King - Early Surprises

Here is a quick rundown of some early surprises / comments per team. Again it's only mid April so I don't think John Buck will continues his pace and vice versa for Jason Heyward. So everyone keep that in mind.

Atlanta - Paul Maholm somehow put Greg Maddux brain and his arm into his body. It was a great story that Evan Gattis made the Braves but really now he is going to hit like John Bench.

Miami - I knew they would be bad but this bad? Who knows what this means in terms of how the front office handles this in terms of trades and when.

NY Mets - Yes Matt Harvey is a talented young pitcher but this is a bit crazy. Again John Buck is doing his best Mike Piazza impression.

Phillies - Again if Chase Utley is healthy he can be a franchise fantasy player. I find it hard to believe his knees will hold up over the course of an entire season but you never know.

Washington - How bad the Nats bullpen has been and blowing games for starters such as Ross Detwiler. As a Detwiler owner I am not happy.

Cincinnati - Have a deep team should feed off each other. No big surprises here.

Cubs - Carlos Villanueva would be a bigger surprise if the Cubs bullpen hasn't blown his 2 great games and he was 2-0. As a Villanueva owner I am not happy.

Milwaukee - I think they will be a bad team and now they are dealing with big injuries. Horrible bullpen, bad defense, mediocre starting pitching at best. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Brew Crew move some people come this summer like Corey Hart or maybe even just blow the whole team up.

Pittsburgh - I know their hitting is a bit challenged outside of McCutchen but I didn't think it was this bad. Good to see Marte get off to a great start.

St Louis - I thought Boggs had enough experience in MLB to handle the 9th inning obviously having a mental challenge right now.

Arizona - Despite all the injuries playing well because they have a deep team. I am not surprised I picked them to win the division.

Colorado - I know he is a streaky player but I am surprised how good Dexter Fowler has been so far. If he keeps this up the Rockies won't be able to afford to keep him.

Dodgers - I am surprised how good Carl Crawford & Ryu have been right out of the blocks. Yes Matt Kemp has had an awful start he will be fine Kemp owners relax.

San Diego - Critical year on tools player Cameron Maybin, Padres should give him a long leash because they are going nowhere but one has to wonder.

SF Giants - Barry Zito really?

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