Friday, April 12, 2013

NL King - Weekly Thoughts

Okay here is the next weekly thoughts per team.

Atlanta - Jason Heyward will be a stud so Heyward owners show patience and my Mike Minor article is looking good.

Miami - Already whispers of Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors.

NY Mets - Matt Harvey just might emerge as a front line starter this year. I have heard comparisons to Justin Verlander.

Phillies -So far Chase Utley looks like the Utley in his prime but can his body hold up? Halladay owners have to be very concerned.

Washington - Jason Werth is showing when healthy he is a strong fantasy player.

Cubs - The Cubs can say what they want Carlos Marmol days of closing for the Cubs are over. They did sign Fujikawa to a 2 year 10 million dollar deal in the off-season which said it was only a matter of time before he become the closer. This is also the last year of Marmol's contract.

Reds - Todd Frazier since last June has finally been given a chance to play everyday and he has shown to be a very good power bat. Will have a bigger role and better spot in the lineup with Ludwick out the 1st half.

Milwaukee - Carlos Gomez off to a slow start and the Brew Crew needs him now. Was 2012 a 1 year wonder and now that he got a nice fat 3 year extension is the desire waning a bit?

Pittsburgh - Nice start from the talented Starling Marte. McCutchen needs help around him.

Cardinals - Boggs blow up the other day was a combination of a bloop double, infield single, an error and Mike Matheny strange strategy of intentionally walking 2 players. Boggs will be fine.

Arizona - Goldschmidt will become an elite fantasy player this year.

Colorado - Tulo is showing everyone as long as he is healthy he will put up huge numbers. Fowler will as well as long as he can stay healthy and consistent.

Dodgers - Nice to see a big start by Car Crawford hopefully his body holds up, remember he has not played a lot of baseball the last couple of years. Greinke fluke injury is an absolute killer to Greinke owners and once again shows how luck plays such a huge role on having a top team in fantasy baseball.

San Diego - Wow this is one weak lineup.

San Francisco - The Giants need Brandon Belt to be a good player. This is a make or break year for Belt.

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