Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NL King - Weekly Thoughts

Okay a quick thought or two on each team as the season progresses. As I tweeted this morning today is April 23rd so we are still 8 days away from May. I know it's very frustrating to have your team get off to a bad start due to poor performances and or injuries. My own team is off to that kind of start. Remember it's a long 6 month race so be patient and keep looking at your leagues waiver wire / free agency to pick up guys who can help.

Atlanta - In my preseason article on BJ Upton I thought there was a strong chance BJ could get off to a slow start due to his new surroundings, new league and after signing the big contract. Upton's numbers will be there by season's end albeit with a sub .250 batting average.

Miami - I am very amazed by just how bad this team is. Mike Stanton has been dealing with a nagging injury situation so I believe he will wake up soon. But again if I was an opposing pitcher to the Marlins lineup why would I pitch to Stanton with the rest of his supporting cast?

New York - Matt Harvey / John Buck are some amazing stories. How long can this keep up?

Philly - Good to see Roy Halladay put up back to back good starts. He might not wind up being the #1 pitcher in the NL anymore by seasons end but I think there is a good chance his fantasy owners can at least get a quality numbers out of him.

Washington - They will hit their stride soon, I expect their bullpen to get rolling as well as Gio. Haren I expect to be at least decent as long as he is healthy.

Cubs - What is Anthony Rizzo going to do once he gets that batting average going? Yes he is hitting .191 but with 6HR's & 14RBI.

Cincinnati - I expect a hot streak to start any day for Votto & Bruce.

Milwaukee - Jim Henderson has calmed things down for that team. Let's see if he can keep it up.

Pittsburgh - Pedro Alvarez owners have to remember he is a very streaky hitter as well as being very feast or famine and he will be a low batting average guy.

St. Louis - Bullpen has been a mess except for Mujica who is now closing. I am surprised that Boggs struggled so much and it's not because of talent it's because of the mentality one has to have to be a closer.

Arizona - Ian Kennedy off to a slow start, as I wrote in my preseason article this is a key year for Kennedy to show us if he will be a prime time starter or a mediocre one.

Colorado - So many bats off to hot starts I wish I had one of them.

Dodgers - Matt Kemp owners relax he will catch fire very soon and he will pile up the numbers.

San Diego - As a Chase Headley owner glad to see he was able to come back a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Now if he can just perform like he did last year.

San Francisco - Hard to believe the starts of the season for Barry Zito & Matt Cain. Two different ends of the spectrum.

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