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NL King - Biggest Disappointments So Far by Position

Okay yesterday you got biggest surprises by position, today you get biggest disappointments by position with commentary for what to expect going forward.

Please keep in mind stats as of Thursday am 5/23

Miguel Montero - Arz - 3HR, 14RBI, 13R, 0SB, .189 Avg
Montero is a proven .280 - .285 hitter he will be fine, he better be he is on my team.

First Base:
Ike Davis - NY - 4HR, 9RBI, 14R, 0SB, .147 Avg
Got off to a horrible start last year but could blame that on the effects from the Valley Fever he was suffering from but as bad as Ike's numbers are he has looked worse at the plate. I think he is heading to the minors any day.

Second Base:
Rickie Weeks - Mil - 3HR, 10RBI, 20R, 4SB, .169 Avg
Great numbers for someone hitting .168 but Weeks is showing he is a poor average hitter with all his K's you think he get the memo. Doesn't look like it.

Danny Espinosa - Wsh - 3HR, 12RBI, 1SB, .163 Avg
I own him so I feel your pain. He had a rough 1st 6 weeks last year so be patient. I know he is not a great average hitter but has almost been a 20/20 man last 2 years. I know it requires literally biting a bullet but be patient.

Third Base:
Michael Young - Phil - 1HR, 10RBI, 17R, 0SB, .287 Avg
How do you have so little numbers with nearly a .300 average & .400 OBP? I thought he would have a little more punch.

Outfield #1
Matt Kemp - LA - 2HR, 17RBI, 21R, 7SB, .270 Avg
I believe there is a huge hot streak coming shortly stay patient.

Outfield #2
BJ Upton - Atl - 4HR, 7RBI, 12R, 3SB, .155 Avg
When I wrote in the pre-season I can see a very slow start due to monster contract and switching leagues I never thought it would be this bad. I still expect for him to reach numbers similar to last year just you have to realize he is a poor batting average player.

Outfield #3
Dernard Span - Wsh - 0HR, 11RBI, 18R, 5SB, .266 Avg
Not that I thought Span was start showing power but going to the Nats I thought he would evaluate his game. So I am bit disappointed in him being the leadoff hitter on that team but quite frankly practically the whole Nats team has been a disappointment.

Starting Pitcher #1
Ryan Vogelsong - SF - 2W, 7.19 ERA, 1.73 Ratio, 40K in 46 1/3 IP
Vogelsong was a solid pitcher the last 2 years and has got off to a disastrous start this year. Finally was having a big start last night and then after 5 shutout innings broke his hand and is now out roughly 6 weeks. Hope he can be a steady Eddie for the 2nd half.

Starting Pitcher #2
Roy Halladay - Phil - 2W, 8.65 ERA, 1.46 Ratio, 35K in 34 1/3 IP
The hammering that went on in the spring continued during the season and then there was the shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries are really bad especially given Doc's age and mileage. Not sure if we see him again this year.

Starting Pitcher #3
Matt Cain - SF - 3W, 5.12 ERA, 1.17 Ratio, 56K in 63 1/3 IP
How do you have a 5.43 ERA with a 1.21 Ratio? Well when you give up 13 HR's in 9 starts that's how. I have full confidence in Matt Cain will finish as the upper echelon starter that he is.

Starting Pitcher #4
Dan Haren - Wsh - 4W, 5.54 ERA, 1.43 Ratio, 36K in 50 1/3 IP
Good news is he has been healthy bad news has not been very effective. 64 Hits allowed in 50 1/3 IP is not a good sign.

Starting Pitcher #5
Jonathan Niese - NY - 3W, 4.80 ERA, 1.62 Ratio, 31K in 54 1/3 IP
One of the many Mets off to a very bad start. 27 Walks in 54+ Innings is very alarming.

Where do I start? Jason Motte is out for the year with Tommy John, Cishek off to a bad start and that team averages a win a week, Marmol & Axford got off to a terrible starts and lost their jobs. Putz was ineffective but was not losing his job as of yet but then got injured. Closers has been a mine field and has many owners in various NL only leagues asking to take away Saves as a category.

Okay I am taking off for the Memorial Day Weekend, everyone enjoy the weekend and the best to our troops present & past for what they have given to this country.

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