Friday, May 10, 2013

NL King - Calmo Calmo

I am throwing a little Italian in for today for my international readers. But today is a quick article on remaining calm even if your team is off to a bad start. In Italian calmo means even tempered and settled and that's what a successful Fantasy Baseball Owner needs to be. Look my team has gone off to a very bad start due to poor performances, injuries and bad luck so I feel all of your pain out there in that same boat. But I have looked at my team and on paper it's a solid team and you have to remember it's only May 10th. Some of you who are negative Nancy's might say Chris it's no longer April but I would reply it's a marathon not a sprint.

Two years ago I had a very strong team on paper in my estimation one of the top 2 teams after the draft. However due to a number of circumstances mostly poor performances heading into Memorial Day Weekend I found myself in 10th place in a 12 team league well behind the money position teams. In fact one owner who reads my articles asked me if I was looking to rebuild. My team started to come around and do what it was suppose to do. So despite a terrible first 2 months, while I did not win my league that season I did finish in 2nd place in a 12 team league. Now the reason I am bringing this up is to illustrate when you have a good team you must ride out the tough stretches by showing incredible patience.

Look if you have a deficiency in a particular area then yes you should be investigating trade scenarios. However if you are doing poorly in certain categories due to guys off to poor starts or unfathomable starts YOU MUST STAY THE COURSE !!!!

There are teams towards the top of your leagues just waiting for a team towards the bottom to make a panic move and take advantage of you. They look at as easy prey. Don't fall into that trap. Don't say to yourself "I hate my team I am going to change the roster". Change for the sake of change rarely works. Changes that analyzed and make sense work. For instance I have Miguel Montero who is off to a terrible start and is hitting .200. Montero is a hitter who hits between .280 and .285 every year so patience my friends.

Remember Calmo Calmo Calmo, the Even Tempered Settled GM is a Successful GM. Nietzsche said that.

Okay guys you got an article every day this week. I am taking the weekend off. For all of your New York Islander fans out there do not give up hope. In 1993 last time Isles played Pens in the playoffs they lost Game 5 in Pittsburgh pretty handily and then came home to the Coliseum and won Game 6 in a high scoring close game (7-5) and then went to Pittsburgh for Game 7 and won in OT on David Volek's goal. BeLIeve.

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