Friday, May 17, 2013

NL King - Don't Expect Help from AL

I thought I would write an article for NL only leagues and explore possibilities of real good to big AL players coming over to the NL via trade during this season. I am here to tell you it's not looking good and I wouldn't count on any help from the AL. Here is the possibilities I can see.

The Twins are in a rebuild mode even though they are just 1 game under .500 at this point and time. The Twins won't have a lot to dangle but Justin Morneau is a free agent after the season and the Twins hope he is having a big injury free year come late July so they can get a prospect or two for him. Morneau staying healthy is a big IF. Morneau is having a strange year for him as he is hitting .306 so far but only has 2HR's. Granted that a tough park to hit in and the weather in Minnesota so far this season has been rough.

Mike Morse is a free agent for the M's after the season. Morse hit his 10th HR of the season at Yankee stadium last night. The M's would have to be out of the wild card race and feel like they have no chance to resign Morse as the M's need a bat like his in their lineup.

The Blue Jays were picked by many to win the AL East and be one of the big teams in baseball. As of this morning the Blue Jays are 17-24 and are 8 games behind the 1st place Yankees however the Blue Jays have won 4 in a row. The Blue Jays need to start playing well because they have work to do just to get back to .500. If the Blue Jays do not get it together and are not in the race come July with the amount of dollars the Blue Jays invested they might look to move some salary. Josh Johnson who is extremely talented but is just an injury waiting to happen at all times is a free agent after the season. Johnson is currently dealing with a triceps injury and is probably will stay on the DL until at least the end of May. I have read some speculation by various big baseball insiders also that if things go south for the Jays maybe they would move RA Dickey come July. Again I don't expect this to happen as the bottom has to really fall out for the Jays to consider these moves.

White Sox:
They nearly won the division last year and they got off to a bit of a slow start with an 18-21 record but have won their last 3 in a row. It's a tough division  as by most accounts Detroit is considered one of the top teams in the AL if not the best, Kansas City & Cleveland are very competitive and have a good chance to be above .500 as well. Again if things go south for the Sox then they could look to move Paul Konerko who is a free agent after the season but keep in mind he is a 10-5 man so he has a no trade clause & has been in Chicago since 1999 so I don't know if he would agree to a trade. Then there is Jake Peavy who is off to an excellent start this season BUT Peavy who has dealt with  a ton of injuries in his career is making 14.5 Million this year & next so other than the Dodgers who would be willing to take on that money?

Of course there is always the expected that can happen but as you can see not looking good of a big AL player coming to the NL. Okay I am taking the weekend off from writing, so everyone have a good weekend.

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