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NL King - Frustration Can't Lead to the "R" Word

In my recent discussions with a number of Roto owners whose teams are struggling at this point I heard a lot of frustration come out which is only natural. I myself at this point and time in my league am at the bottom of the standings. If it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all but you guys don't want to hear me whine. But getting back to my point I have heard so much frustration from fellow struggling owners and the Rebuilding word has come up.

Now if your in a keeper league and depending upon your league rules there could come a point and time where rebuilding is the right choice for your team. Every league is different and then is no cookie cut formula of when you should rebuild. You must know your league and all of the nuances of it in making this decision. For instance in my league we can only keep up to 10 players prior to the draft and no minor leaguers with rookie status who is not going to be on the opening day roster of that season can be kept as well. In addition because over the years there has been so much controversy regarding rebuilding in my league we made a rule a few years ago that no team can make a rebuilding trade until July 1st & the commissioner of our league we have the authority to decide what is a rebuilding trade.

While one's team is off to a bad start you have to look at few things. First off why am I off to a bad start? Is it injuries, is it certain proven players right now their numbers are down 20%, is certain proven players off to awful starts, what is it? Then you have to look at each category and where you stand and look at the potential of making up ground. So for instance if I told you my team was last in HR's you would say Chris that's terrible. But if I told you I am last in HR's but I am only 7 HR's behind 8 teams in a 11 team league you would say wow what an opportunity you have to pick up a lot of points. So again you need to understand your roster & the categories in making big decisions such as rebuilding.

Rebuilding is a button kind of like Def Con 5 (remember the 80's movie War Games with a young Matthew Broderick?) button once you push it that's it and your season is over. I find that many times so many owners are so frustrated and so mad at their team they say to themselves "I know what I am going to do I am going to rebuild". Of course many of your colleagues in the top of the standings give you a sympathetic ear and say yes that's the way to go and by the way I will give this nice future player for one of your stars.

The problem I think with rebuilding one's team today is their are so many players that are inconsistent and when getting players at good contracts who are doing well this season does not mean their performance is a given for next season. For instance in my league in the off-season in an attempt to finish in the money last season an owner traded two very low contract players last August in Kris Medlen & Josh Rutledge. This off-season after just missing out on the money that owner said "boy I wish I had those players back". Well as much as they were highly regarded going into this season Rutledge is now back in the minors and there is no more talk currently he is the Rocks future 2B and Medlen everyone had pegged for an ace is 1-6 with a 3.48 ERA & 1.36 Ratio.

In rebuilding there needs to be two aspects for it to make sense. First you have to feel either you have no chance or very little chance  to contend for at least a money position in your league and second you are confident you are getting significant pieces for the following season at excellent contracts. Those two elements must exist otherwise why would you give up on your season?

So I am writing this article to once again remind everyone there is still a lot of season left and as much as your team has gone through a bad streak it's capable of going through a hot streak as well. I practice what I preach because as low as I am in the standings I still believe with my team a good season is possible. Most importantly do not let your frustrations lead you to bad decisions such as rebuilding when you shouldn't.

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