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NL King - Hitters Struggling

Today's article I am going to look into a number of hitters per team that are off to some rough starts and give my thoughts. So as the late great one Jackie Gleason once said "And Away We Go."

BJ Upton - Yes BJ is hitting .138 but if you read my preseason article on BJ Upton I talked about how I thought he would get off to a rough start due to putting pressure on himself regarding his big new contract and learning the pitchers of a new league for the most part. Again by seasons end I expect BJ to be what he is a 20/20 man with good numbers in R & RBI and a poor average.

Jason Heyward - Considering he is hitting .121 his numbers aren't that bad and he has been drawing walks. Comes off the DL soon and I expect Heyward to have a solid to strong year. Show patience here.

Giancarlo Stanton - Probably got off to a rough first couple of weeks because still shell shocked what ownership did and was swinging at bad pitches. Started to get it going but just popped his hamstring which probably means he misses the month of May.

NY Mets:
Ike Davis - Considering he is hitting .169 his other numbers are good. His swing and balance at the plate seem all messed up. Davis hit .232 last year so I would be a bit concerned that Ike could be a strong power hitter but one with a poor average.

Philadelphia - None

Adam LaRoche - Yes he is hitting .129 but for his whole career other than last year LaRoche is a guy who either has a red hot month or is ice cold. At the end of day most years he has his usual numbers. I didn't think he would repeat his 2012 career year but he will finish with solid power numbers.

Alfonso Soriano - His average is not bad (.263) but has very little numbers. Soriano is no kid at 37 and his body is very beat up. I think last season was the last year where he will put up strong power numbers.

Cincinnati - No one major

Rickie Weeks - Hitting .186 but his other numbers are strong. He is a low average hitter remember he hit .232 last year and he strikes out a lot.

Pedro Alvarez - Again like Weeks hitting sub .200 and strikes out a ton but when he puts the ball in play can do damage. Will be a real good power guy but one with a poor average.

David Feese - Off to a bad start and has been dealing with injuries (only negative about him to me is he is always dealing with some sort of ailment). As long as Freese is feeling okay physically he will be fine.

Miguel Montero - As long as he gets his usually 480 AB's he will put up his standard line of hitting stats which is pretty solid overall and excellent as a NL catcher.

Colorado - Seems like all the bats are producing

LA Dodgers:
Matt Kemp - Has yet to take off but don't worry he will. If their is a Matt Kemp owner frustrated and dangling him in trade talks then POUNCE !!!!

San Diego:
Cameron Maybin - Huge year for Maybin and so far it's been about poor performance and injury. I don't know if this tools player is going to translate into a good roto player. I am seriously doubting it.

San Francisco - Believe it or not their hitting has been fine

I will post an article over the weekend looking at the struggling pitchers both starters and closers.

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